Concurrent sessions

Tuesday, October 23 | 10:00 am – 11:15 am | Repeat 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm

Track I - Emerging Leaders
Workshops on owning your career

It’s Not a Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor

Becky Shambaugh
President & CEO, Shambaugh Leadership

Women are not reaching the senior levels of leadership at the rate they should be. Rebecca Shambaugh will share recent research, discuss the compelling business case for women in leadership and illustrate one of the major obstacles holding women back: The Sticky Floor. She’ll share proven strategies for being your own champion, identifying your own "sticky floors” and empowering yourself to get unstuck and achieve your full potential.

Unleash Your Personal Presence for a Winning Edge

Nadia Bilchik
CNN correspondent and President, Greater Impact Communications

Your voice, your tone, your nod, your smile – all are part of your personal presence on display throughout the business day. Powerful and fearless presentation skills are critical to career advancement and your own personal success. Nadia Bilchik will show you how to elevate your presence by understanding what enhances it or sabotages it. Learn more about persuading and influencing others with verbal and non-verbal communication and how to keep your audience’s attention in the digital age. You’ll learn how you can be more compelling, quickly assess others and relate to them for more impactful results.

Track II - Mid-level Leaders
Workshops on delivering results in tough times

Release Your Brilliance

Simon T. Bailey
Founder, Brilliance Institute

Unlock the vaults of individual brilliance in yourself and in your people: The potential, insight, genius, innovation and ideas that can make your organization more profitable and efficient. Simon T. Bailey will offer steps to transform yourself and your work to create lasting value. You will learn to unleash positive energy, engagement and team synergy that create true value. You will ignite individual inspiration and a sense of individual responsibility and gain value by equipping yourself and others with the tools to take charge of their own development.

Reality-Based Leadership

Cy Wakeman
President, Cy Wakeman Inc.

The old leadership model is not working. These times call for a new kind of leader, one who can confront reality and produce results. In this session, Cy Wakeman will teach the key principles of her Reality-Based LeadershipTM techniques. You will learn to identify the reasons the current leadership model is failing and take a hard look at your own role in your organization. You’ll have the opportunity to evaluate your organization so that you can transform your company’s tools, programs and philosophies.

Track III - Executives
Workshops on developing strategic focus

The Sponsor Effect

Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Founding President, Center for Talent Innovation

Despite progress in the lower and middle rungs of the career ladder, too few women are moving into the c-suite. The reason: Many qualified women don't have powerful backers to inspire, propel and protect them through the perilous straits of upper management. They lack sponsors who advocate for their protégés and create career traction. Sponsors provide stretch opportunities, promote visibility, forge crucial connections and serve as guides to "playing the game.” Sylvia Ann Hewlett demystifies the sponsor-protégé relationship, lays out a roadmap for high-potential women seeking sponsorship and shows how forward-thinking companies are successfully developing a culture of sponsorship.
10:00 am — 11:15 am only

The Art and Science of Collaboration

Madelyn Yucht
Vice President, Performance Excellence, Linkage

Effective leaders use collaboration to generate strategic relationships and create positive business outcomes. In this session, Madelyn Yucht will provide a strategic framework for thinking about collaboration and the tools you need to effectively cultivate and manage collaboration. You will learn to eliminate common barriers to collaboration, demystify the different types of collaborative relationships, build strategic relationship equity and trust, plan for and manage conflict productively, and effectively establish rules of engagement and manage expectations.
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm only



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