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Class 1 | February 7

Navigate Your Organization with Savvy

The most important asset you’ll build in your career is your network, hands down. Discover shadow organization structures and learn to navigate informal networks in your workplace. Learn five key types of people you need to have in your network and create a strategic plan to cultivate an influential network. Training webinar

Class 2 | March 7

Building Relationships of Trust

Trust is the fundamental building block of authentic workplace relationships. When building trust, it’s the little moments that matter most. Every conversation presents an opportunity to build – or destroy – trust. Learn how micro-affirmations and micro-inequities can impact every interaction you have. Panel

Class 3 | May 2

Creating an Influential Brand with Social Media

Your online presence is a powerful tool for both networking and strengthening your personal brand. Learn to position yourself online as an expert, build an online brand that supports your career goals and manage your digital footprint. Includes tips for leveraging social media to create an influential real-world network. Panel

Class 4 | June 6

Ask an Executive Anything

Is there something you have always wanted to ask a leader? This hour-long Q&A forum addresses everything you wanted to know about careers and leadership but were afraid to ask. Our panel of industry leaders will share candid perspectives on a wide range of career and leadership issues. Executive panel


Class 5 | August 1

The 6 Sources of Influence

Women who break through into senior leadership positions get there by mastering the art of influence. Explore ways to gain a voice and a seat at the table in your company. Understand the mechanisms of power within your organization and identify six sources of influence you may not be fully utilizing. Training webinar

Class 6 | September 5

Influencing Up, Influencing Down

You don’t need to be a top executive to have influence — a leader can be anyone who inspires change in others. Hear how you can influence, motivate, engage and inspire individuals and teams, regardless of where they are on the org chart. Panel

Class 7 | November 7

Influencing Your Leaders

Success in any role begins with understanding your leaders and their expectations of you. Learn ways to work effectively with your management by tailoring your work style and communicating in a way they find persuasive. Includes guidance on how to give upward feedback, sell your big ideas and negotiate your success. Panel

Class 8 | December 5

Men and Women, Leading and Influencing

Research in the new field of neuro-leadership shows how male and female brains operate differently. Learn what this means in how we think, act and communicate in the workplace. Apply this knowledge to better understand yourself and others. Add to your toolkit of techniques for leading and influencing effectively. Panel

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