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Class 1 | February 7
Staying Motivated and Engaged
We’ve all had days where we felt crushed by our workload. Get tips for staying motivated and engaged in this webinar, which will explain how to maintain high performance during stressful times and offer ways to bounce back after you hit a wall. Instructor-led training

Class 2 | March 7
Purposeful Risk-Taking
Leadership has its rewards, but it also poses challenges and risks. Learn how women leaders approach risk-taking in business and in their careers. Our panel will offer examples of how they act with courage and deal with failure.

Elizabeth “Betty” Uhrig
General Manager, Aviation Services,

Valerie Oswalt
Vice President Sales - West Area,
Mondelez International

Class 3 | May 2
Finding Your Voice
The stakes are high. You have something important to contribute. Can you count on yourself to speak up? Discover ways to convey your message effectively, articulate your point, assert opinions and speak with confidence. Panel

M. Christine Smith
Managing Director, West Region
Managing Principal, Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion

Daniel Eckert
Senior Vice President, Walmart Services
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Class 4 | June 6
Negotiating Your Role
If you’re not enjoying your job or being effective, you need to renegotiate your role. Discover keys to negotiating and ways to establish credibility, communicate your value and present a persuasive business case for yourself. Panel

Jane Hilk
Executive Vice President
President, Enhancers and Snack Nuts
Kraft Foods Group Inc.

Jeff Lyons
Senior Vice President, Fresh Foods
Costco Wholesale Corporation


Class 5 | August 1
Managing a Multigenerational Team
Are you effectively managing your multigenerational workforce? Don’t be misled by stereotypes — discover what truly distinguishes each generation and learn how to manage and motivate individuals and teams of all ages. Instructor-led training

Class 6 | September 5
Sponsoring Others
Would you put your reputation on the line to advocate for a protégé? That’s what a sponsor does. Discover what it takes to be an effective sponsor, advocate and a talent scout who reaches behind and brings others up along with you. Panel

Class 7 | November 7
Motivating Your Team
Does your presence motivate, engage and inspire others to perform at their peak? In this engaging class, we’ll dive into the trenches and hear from leaders who are creating a culture of team engagement, where everyone is inspired to bring their best. Panel

Class 8 | December 5
Ask a C-Suite Executive: What the CXO Wants You to Know
Do you understand how C-level executives really think and operate? Find out in this Q&A with top industry leaders. You’ll hear what C-suite execs expect from you and how to tailor your work style and communication to meet, and exceed, expectations. Submit your questions in advance to

Roberto Marques
Company Group Chairman, Consumer North America
Johnson & Johnson

Lisa Bisaccia
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
CVS Health

Complete all eight classes live or in our Study Hall to earn your NEW Leadership Certificate after our last class December 5.


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