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Class schedule

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Play a Bigger Game

Class 1 | February 6

First look: NEW Career Accelerator

NEW has partnered with the respected Center for Creative Leadership to create the NEW Career Accelerator, a dynamic tool to build your skills and become a better leader. In this webinar, you’ll get a first look at the Accelerator, how it was created and the eight competencies and five derailers critical to your career development.

Robert Solomon
Director of Talent Development

Class 2 | March 6

Stretch Assignments

Volunteering for special assignments and high-profile projects can be a great way to gain expertise outside your function, develop leadership skills and make your value visible. Learn how to identify, ask for and succeed at stretch assignments. Panel

Class 3 | May 1

Strategic Planning

“How can I be more strategic?” is a common question — how you answer it can make or break your career. Discover what successful leaders do to think and act strategically and learn how to create, communicate and implement your own long-term strategies.

Deanna Jurgens
Vice President & General Manager, PepsiCo Sales for Target Corp.
PepsiCo Inc.

Subriana Pierce
Managing Partner
Navigator Sales and Marketing LLC

Class 4 | June 5

Delivering Real Results

Want to make yourself more visible? You’ll need to show results that boost the bottom line. Learn how to align your priorities to your organization’s most important goals so that you can make an impact and boost your career.

Colleen Flaherty
Vice President and General Manager Kraft Kroger Team
Kraft Foods

Kevin Arceneaux
Region Vice President, Pacific Coast Region
Mondelēz International – Nabisco Brands.


Show Up and Lead

Class 5 | August 7

Leading Change

Congratulations — you’ve stepped up and taken on a new high-visibility role. To succeed, you’re going to need change-management skills. Learn how to change systems, teams and attitudes within your company and deliver change that sticks.

Srishti Gupta
President & General Manager, Media
Lisa Badgley
VP, Pharmacy & Retail Operations, Eastern Operations
Walgreen Co.

Class 6 | September 4

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback can inspire improved performance — but poorly delivered feedback can do more harm than good. Learn how to offer constructive feedback that empowers individuals and how to effectively solicit feedback on your own performance. Panel

Michelle Nye
President, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy
Estrella Parker
Senior Director, Human Resources
The Clorox Company

Class 7 | November 6

Political Skill

Ignore office politics at your peril. Studies show that politically savvy people do better in their careers, get more promotions and earn more money. Learn the skill of being positively political by understanding you, others and your workplace culture. Instructor-led training

Class 8 | December 4

Take Your Seat at the Table

Midy Aponte says, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, bring your own chair.” You can’t afford to wait for permission or an invitation to speak up and make your impact. Hear how to show up, speak up and take the lead in the final webinar in our 2015 NEW Leadership Academy series. Panel

NEW Leadership Academy at the Summit

September 30–October 2 | Dallas

Intrapreneurship: Lead Like an Entrepreneur

Meet Jo Miller and your fellow NEW Leadership Academy students at our annual supersession at the NEW Leadership Summit. You’ll learn what internal entrepreneurs — intrapreneurs — are and how they add value to their companies. You’ll discover how to make the leap from employee to intrapreneur and how to embed an “intrapreneurial” culture in your organization. Workshop and panel

Complete all eight classes live or in our Study Hall to earn your NEW Leadership Certificate after our last class December 4.


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