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2017 Class schedule

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Class 1: February 11

Creating an Opportunity-Driven Career

Some people seem to have all the career luck. They never have to look for opportunities — the best jobs seem to find them. Learn how to create your own career breaks and to uncover opportunities hiding in plain sight.
Instructor-led training

Career Accelerator Focus: Managing Career

Class 2 | March 31

Powering Up Your Workplace Relationships

The most successful leaders have great people skills — and you can develop them, too. Learn to understand the dynamics of workplace relationships, how to move past conflict and transform workplace relationships across the board.

Career Accelerator Focus: Relationships

Class 3 | June 2

Breaking the Rules

Some rules were made to be broken. But which ones are they? How do you decide when to be creatively disruptive and when to conform to the unwritten rules? Hear how leaders exercise good judgment and make great decisions when taking risks and breaking rules.

Career Accelerator Focus: Risk-Taking


Class 4 | September 8

The Power of Diverse, Inclusive Teams

Research shows that diverse teams are not only more productive and innovative, they connect better with customers. Discover the business impact of team diversity, how it affects productivity and how you can leverage inclusion to enhance your team’s overall performance.
Instructor-led training

Career Accelerator Focus: Develop and Empower Teams

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Class 5 | October 6

Listening Like a Leader

Sir Richard Branson says, “To be a good leader you have to be a great listener. Brilliant ideas can spring from the most unlikely places.” Learn the keys to effective listening, being present with others and letting others feel fully heard.

Career Accelerator Focus: Communication

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Class 6 | December 8

It’s All About Styles

Good leaders are able to speed-read people. During this webinar, you’ll enhance your ability to communicate and motivate. Learn how to understand others’ communication styles, workstyles and decision-making styles and work effectively with all.

Career Accelerator Focus: Develop and Empower Teams; Communication

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NEW Leadership Academy at the Summit

September 28-30 | Orlando

What Successful Leaders Ask Themselves (and Others)

Meet Jo Miller and your fellow NEW Leadership Academy students at our annual supersession during the NEW Leadership Summit 2016 in Orlando. The best leaders do more than just make pronouncements and give direction. Learn how to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire others — and yourself — to think creatively, get engaged, be accountable and take action.