Train your team

The NEW Leadership Academy is a great tool for training your team members. Here are some best practices developed for utilizing the NEW Leadership Academy in your organization’s career development programs:

Step 1: Register yourself or another designated host for all classes at the beginning of the year.

Step 2: Secure a conference room and send out email invitations to those you wish to attend. Most groups stay for post-discussion, so book your room for 90 minutes (a “lunch and learn” format is a popular option that maximizes everyone’s time).

Step: 3: Rotate the role of facilitator for each meeting. The facilitator opens and closes the session, moderates the post-webinar discussion and, in some cases, selects the next month’s facilitator.

Step 4: Integrate the NEW Leadership Academy into your personal development plan and annual performance review so that you can be recognized for developing yourself and leveraging the tools provided by your company.

Step 5: Encourage team members who can’t attend a group session to attend past classes in our Study Hall (Network members only) – they will still earn credit toward their NEW Leadership Certificate.

Tell us what you think and give us your ideas for future NEW Leadership Academy content.