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Webinar 1 | January 26

What's Your Story?

Tara Jaye Frank
Vice President, Multicultural Strategy, Hallmark Cards Inc.
What story are you telling yourself and others about your career, your abilities, your company and your leaders? We often don’t realize how the lens through which we view our circumstances, the people we work with, our bosses, and most of all, ourselves, influences our ability to realize our full potential. Popular NEW blogger Tara Jaye Frank will show you how to create a new story to advance you toward your career goals.

Webinar 2 | March 9

The Conscious Leader: Breaking the Glass Ceiling Within

Dr. Shelley Reciniello
Author and Executive Coach
Are you awake? Are you in engaged in your work and in your life? If not, why not? Learn the nine principles and practices that will help you create a wide-awake and productive workplace and become a more powerful leader.

Webinar 3 | April 20

The Power of Your Ideas: Become a Recognized Expert

Dorie Clark
Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You
Being known as a "doer" is important. But being recognized as a source of knowledge is critical to career success. Personal branding guru Dorie Clark will teach you how to be recognized and valued for your expertise inside and outside of your workplace.

Webinar 4 | May 24

Manifesting Your Power

Sally Helgesen
Author of The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work
Do you want to transition to the next level of leadership in your organization? Are you working to build a satisfying career and sustain it over the long term? Discover the leadership skills required for success in today’s global economy.
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Webinar 5 | June 22

Taking the Lead: Power, Presence & Your Personal Brand

Kailei Carr
Women’s Professional Development Coach
We only get seven seconds to make a first impression. On social and digital media, first impressions are made even faster. In this webinar, you’ll learn to make the best possible impression and how to express yourself and establish a presence that will elevate your career.
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Webinar 6 | July 13

Engaging Men Who Get It

Kevin Carter
Founder and President, Inclusion Innovates
Mary-Frances Winters
President and Founder, The Winters Group
In this webinar, two diversity experts will offer practical advice for men and women who want to engage more men in the movement to advance women leaders. Learn proven strategies to support women's success at every career level.
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