Class 1 | February 3, 2012

Emotional Intelligence: A foundation for career success

Great leaders have the ability to handle themselves and their workplace relationships. They understand themselves and those around them, and are able to effectively negotiate priorities, overcome challenges and get the best from their people. Learn the basics of emotional intelligence and how to increase your own Emotional Quotient.

Guest speakers
Sarah Chartrand
Senior Vice President, Diversity,
Talent Management and Internal Communications
Ahold USA

Margarita Rossi
Senior Director, Global Shopper Marketing
Johnson & Johnson

Class 2 | March 2, 2012

Creating a Strong Personal Brand: Shaping how people perceive you

How do others perceive you? Are you effectively shaping that perception? Successful people create a strong personal brand that corresponds with their strengths, interests and the company or organizationʼs goals. Follow a step-by-step process to create your own brand aligned with your career goals.

Guest speakers 
Anne Fink
SVP and General Manager, PepsiCo Sales

Rebecca Steele
Chief Human Resources Officer

Class 3 | May 4

The Art of Self-Promotion: How to spotlight your value at work

"If I work hard, they will notice how great I am and reward me.” "Why did he get promoted instead of me? I work so much harder!” Unfortunately, hard work is not enough in todayʼs business environment. In addition to doing a great job, people need to be aware of your successes. Learn some of the mistakes you may be making and how to correct your own marketing messages to create the results you want for your career.

Guest speakers
Sue Sears
Vice President, Global Market Development
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Marie Robinson
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics
A & P

Class 4 | June 1

Change Leadership: How to lead yourself and others through change

When your organization charts a new strategic course, it can negatively impact your employeesʼ productivity and morale. Learn a memorable and practical model for leading yourself and others through change that will speed the transition process and eliminate or reduce downsides.

Guest speakers
Janet Kessler Wilson
Divisional Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
Family Dollar Stores 

Kathy Casey
Vice President/General Manager
Kellogg Company

Class 5 | August 3

Purposeful Presentations: Make your point with authority

Delivering presentations is a make-or-break skill to move you up to the next level. Learn how to prepare and deliver presentations that are clear, concise and leave your audience impressed by your knowledge — and you. Youʼll learn top tips for creating and delivering powerful presentations that leave them wanting more.

Guest speakers 
Michelle D. Livingstone
Vice President – Transportation
The Home Depot

Deana Bishop
Vice President – Retail Sales Capability & Support
Coca-Cola Refreshments 

Class 6 | September 7

Conflict Resolution: How to find common ground

What do you do when you donʼt see eye to eye with someone? Some shy away from addressing it, while others are too direct. Learn how to find a happy medium and effectively manage conflict. This session will teach you how to stop burning bridges and start building them.

Guest speakers
Hilda West
Senior Director – HR Client Services
The Clorox Company

Karen Stuckey
Senior Vice President
Softlines and General Merchandise
Walmart Stores

Class 7 | November 2

Being Strategic: Become known as a strategist

"I need to become more strategic to expand my roles and responsibilities in my job, but how do I do it?” In this webinar, we will discuss what it means to be strategic and how to become known as a strategist. We will reveal the three components of being strategic and walk you through practical steps to becoming a more strategic employee and leader in your organization.

Guest speakers 
Meg Ham
President, Bottom Dollar Food
Delhaize America 

Eva Kohn
Senior Vice President, Strategic Sales

Class 8 | December 7

Whole Life Management: How to make it all work

Cultural and technical changes have blurred the traditional boundaries between work and home. Work demands have spread the "workday” into our evenings and weekends. Now, it is up to you to create the right balance between work and home in order to contribute fully to both. In this webinar, learn how to determine the right balance for you, create practices to manage it all and manage the expectations of those around you.

Guest speakers 
Lisa Holsclaw
Vice President, Drug/General Merchandise/Pharmacy
The Kroger Co. 

Tiffany Menyhart
National Account Manager
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company


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