Who should attend

The NEW CPG Retail Diversity Forum is designed for everyone in your company: From the senior leaders who drive change to the sales and marketing executives who reap its benefits, to the HR professionals and line managers who translate D&I programs into D&I results. Our focus on multicultural marketing, supplier diversity and talent brings all the pieces and all the players together in one unique event.


Diversity and inclusion is too important to be delegated. At the NEW CPG Retail Diversity Forum, senior executives will learn how to turn D&I programs into D&I results from major players who are doing just that.

Sales and marketing

Multicultural consumers at home and around the world represent your greatest growth opportunity. At the NEW Diversity Forum you’ll learn where the new consumers are and how to win them for life.

Supplier diversity

Want to jump start your multicultural marketing? Partnering with multicultural and women-owned businesses is one of the quickest routes to business success; the NEW Diversity Forum will show you how.


Recruiting, retaining and managing today’s multicultural, multigenerational workforce is one of the most important tasks you face. At the NEW Diversity Forum, human resource managers, diversity officers and front-line managers will learn how to manage today’s new workforce from experts and peers.

Emerging leaders

The NEW Diversity Forum is for everyone on your succession plan. Our high-level content will help your high-potential leaders think strategically and fully develop the multicultural competencies required for management.