NEW10 Anniversary Event Hub
Network of Executive Women


Engage your attendees with activities that entertain and inform. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

NEW trivia slides
"I’m a 10” sticker sheet

"I’m A 10” icebreaker

Preprint stickers with the phrase "I’m A 10 because....” Instruct attendees to complete the sentence with the word that best describes their strength – "I care,” "I work hard,” "I’m creative” etc. Have attendees affix the sticker and use as an ice-breaker at your NEW birthday party. Alternate version: Preselect the Top 10 attributes yourself and have attendees select the phrase that best suits them – you can then group people with similar attributes and have them work together in teams.

"I’m A 10” cards

Instead of stickers, provide large cards for each member to complete the phrase "I’m a 10 because...”. A photographer can take pictures of participants holding the card and post these pictures on the Internet (Facebook, Flickr or Photobucket) or text or email the photos to the recipients. You can also use the completed cards to create a large collage of solutions to be shared later.

Top 10 lists

Have attendees vote for their favorite chick flick or women’s anthems to tally your region’s top 10 favorites. On a more serious side, attendees can be asked to name their biggest challenge at work or the most pressing issue facing the cpg/retail industry. Send your survey out with your save the date or invitation or poll onsite using paper ballots or a show of hands.

10 Questions

Host a game show, live on stage or at each table, featuring 10 questions from the Network’s CPG Retail Diversity magazine (to make if fair, make it an "open book” quiz). The first contestant or table to get all 10 questions wins!

Network bingo

Celebrate your diversity with a game of Network bingo. Create a bingo card and fill the spaces with diverse attributes: Rides a motorcycle, has a Ph.D., has lived in South America, seen a tornado, met the president of the United States, served in the Armed Forces – you get the drill. The first person to check off five qualified people in a row shouts "bingo!” and wins (keep the game going longer by offering second and third-place bingos). No matter who wins, everyone will have fun as they dash through the room discovering more about their colleagues.


Raise your glasses as you toast the Network, your regional group and the future. Hints on toasts: Select someone to conduct the toast ahead of time and make sure they are wearing a mic so they can be heard. Have them prepare in advance but not, ideally, read from a script. Here’s a nice toast to inspire them: "A toast. To the Network of Executive Women. In 10 years we have grown from a small band of pioneers into a force for change in our industry, our careers and in our lives. Here’s to all the visionaries who made it happen, to everyone who supports the Network today, and to the next generation who will lead our Network and the industry. To NEW and the next 10 years!” Have juice, mineral water or moderately priced champagne on hand to fill those glasses but do not serve alcoholic beverages when you would not normally do so. See food and beverage for more information.