NEW10 Anniversary Event Hub
Network of Executive Women


Create a festive environment at your NEW birthday party with confetti, streamers, noisemakers, hats, balloons and more.


Use NEW colors – red, orange, blue and purple – to bring our branding to life.
Network color chart


Simple and fun, order inflated in NEW colors from your local party store.

Tablecloths and linens

Tablecloths in Network colors can turn an ordinary banquet hall into a living NEW logo (102-inch round tablecloths in a variety of colors are available for $20.99 each at — check your venue for the correct size for your event tables). You can also purchase customized paper beverage napkins in NEW colors from party and wedding sites — they are $68 per 200 at


Put your floral arrangements in NEW-colored papers to continue to theme.

Versatile tulle

Wrap gifts or favors in nine-inch diameter tulle net circles ($4.99 per 50 at