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As part of our NEW10 regional tool kit, we offer these suggestions for the food and beverage portion of your event – and to help your fall event be a sweet success.
Food and beverage tip sheet [to come]


To lower costs, ask your venue if they can serve champagne supplied by you or a sponsor. A case of twelve 750 ml bottles of moderately priced California champagne can be purchased for about $150 and serves about 72 glasses (calculate one glass per person maximum). You will want it delivered chilled or put on ice.

Cupcake display

It’s not a birthday party without something sweet. Create a fun cupcake stand that complements the logo and colors of the NEW logo. Adorn each treat with a NEW topper made from a variety of delicious chocolates. Engage a local bakery to help you bring a larger than life cup cupcake display to life utilizing these renderings for inspiration.

Ice cream/sherbet bar

Have fun with a stylish ice cream sundae bar. Create a self-serve topping bar and let attendees express their unique sundae style. Serve the ice cream sundae in Martini Glasses. Utilize signage on the sundae bar — "Top it Off in Style”. Rent martini glasses from venue and engage caterer to help source the ice cream or sherbet as well as the toppings.