NEW10 Anniversary Event Hub
Network of Executive Women


Here are programming options that will leverage the Network’s anniversary and help your fall event "Be a 10.” Have ideas of your own? Send them to your client services director and we will post them for other regions to share.

Content tip sheet
Panel questions

Option 1: Executive leaders panel
CPG/Retail: The Next 10 Years

Suggested panel composition - 4 to 6 senior-level retail and cpg leaders led by an emerging leader.

The dizzying changes of the next 10 years will make the rapid transformations of the last decade seem sedate. Assemble a panel of industry leaders to explore key challenges and opportunities of the next decade, including rapidly changing demographics, multicultural and multigenerational workforces, sustainability, the age wave, the growth of the women’s market, globalization, channel convergence and the importance of diversity.

Option 2: Emerging leaders roundtable
NEW: The Next Generation

Suggested panel composition - 4 to 6 retail and cpg managers under 30 led by a senior industry executive.

Hear about the future firsthand from the emerging leaders who will lead it. This roundtable discussion is an opportunity to get insights from your younger members and a chance see the industry’s best young talent in action. Key questions: How is business managing (or mismanaging) younger workers? What’s the best way to reach Gen Y consumers? Will the need for diversity action disappear with today’s generation? What changes do these next generation leaders foresee in the next 10 years — in the industry, their careers and in their lives?