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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collaborate with others during or after a webinar?

Each of the webinars in this series will have unique individual activities and an opportunity for post-webinar discussion. We encourage participants to gather for a group discussion after each webinar and share open dialogue based on discussion questions provided during the session.

What are the webinar system requirements?

We use Cisco WebEx. To participate, you will need:

Recommended browsers include:

Macintosh®-based attendees
Users with Mac OS X 10.7 or later are asked to install a small plug-in that, once installed, handles the rest of the meeting application installation and then starts the meeting.

Users who start or join an event using Event Center for the first time on Safari 6.X and Safari 7, are required to "trust" the plug-in for the site. The page will then refresh, but users will not join the event. To join the event, users must go back to the link originally selected.

Mobile device users
Mobile device support is expected in mid-2015.

Can I test the webinar system before the series begins?

If you have not used Cisco WebEx before, we highly recommend running a system test to ensure you can log in, view the presentation and listen to audio. The system test details are provided to you in the confirmation email you received from WebEx. If you encounter technical difficulties that prevent you from joining the webinars, check the pre-webinar reminder emails for a link to download the PowerPoint presentation and manually view the slides, while calling into the teleconference.

We cannot guarantee the webinar will work with your system. If you require technical assistance joining a webinar, please call Cisco WebEx support at 866-863-3903.

Is there a toll-free phone number for the conference call?

To keep the cost of our webinar programs low and accommodate our high attendance volume, we will not be providing a toll-free conference call number. Instead, you may elect to listen via streaming audio from your computer speakers to avoid long-distance call costs. We recommend a webinar system test to test your speakers and determine which audio mode works best for you.

Can I attend webinars from outside the United States?

Yes. To join the conference call, you may connect via the local toll number that is provided or via streaming audio from your computer system.

Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes. NEW members may view past webinars in our Study Hall. Non-members may view the recordings of sessions they have purchased via the link they receive post-session.

Can I get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in the webinar?

Yes. To receive the PowerPoint presentation, you must pre-register prior to the live webinar event. After pre-registering, you will receive reminder emails that include a link to download the PowerPoint presentation.

I’m having audio difficulties. What can I do to improve the sound quality?

If you are participating in a live webinar, we recommend using the teleconference phone line for a better-quality audio connection. Internet connection is often the main source of audio problems. To test the sound quality of live webinars or recorded sessions via Internet connection, you may wish to join a WebEx Meeting Test.

How can I ask questions during a webinar?

Our webinars are popular and attract hundreds of attendees. To provide the highest quality audio, you will join in “listen-only” mode and your line will be muted. Only the webinar facilitator can un-mute your line.

We encourage you to submit questions to the speakers using our live chat function. After signing into WebEx for the live webinar, locate the Questions tab. Type your question into the Questions tab to submit a question to the facilitator.


Contact customer service at the Network of Executive Women for registration questions.