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Webinar 1 | May 14

Generations at Work: Leadership from Boom to Z

Attracting and keeping a skilled workforce will be a core challenge as companies manage five generations, each with their own distinct values and attitudes. Learn what makes each generation different — and get recruiting, retention, motivation and management strategies to help you succeed with today’s multigenerational workforce.

Webinar 2 | June 18

Generation to Generation: Capitalizing on Differences

Multigenerational teams can be a great asset, but generational differences can lead to misunderstandings that derail collaboration and lead to reduced commitment and employee turnover. Learn how to manage and motivate multigenerational teams for maximum effect by finding commonalities among your team members, and by capitalizing on differences to foster collaboration and productivity.

Webinar 3 | July 16

Millennials: How to Engage the Next Generation Now

Millennials — Generation Y, born between 1981 and 1996 — are the largest generation in U.S. history, and make up a majority of today’s workforce. Companies are finding that these restless, collaborative, rewards-focused and digitally savvy employees require a change in the traditional workplace. Learn how to create a Millennial-friendly work environment that lets them flourish without alienating the rest of your workforce.

Webinar 4 | August 27

When Your Employee is OIder: Leadership Lessons for Millennials

More Baby Boomers are delaying retirement as they live longer, enjoy working or can’t afford to retire. As Millennials move into management, they need to effectively manage experienced employees as they build and lead multigenerational teams. Learn how Millennial managers can develop leadership skills and develop teams that embrace generational differences, using emotional intelligence and trust-building.

Webinar 5 | October 22

Converting Gen Y to Gen Buy: Close-up on the Millennial Consumer

Savvy retailers know that young people set trends and drive consumer spending. This is especially true with Millennials — Gen Y — the largest generation in our nation’s history. Now approaching peak earning and spending years, Gen Y has come of age during a boom and bust cycle, resulting in unique buying behaviors, including a disinterest in ownership. Delve into the mind and behavior of the Millennial consumer and learn key buying strategies for Recessionistas, Digital Natives, Migrators and Trophy Kids.

Webinar 6 | November 12

Workforce 2020: Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Talent

What will be the workforce of 2020? A number of likely scenarios have emerged with significant implications for employers. Learn about the chief indicators of workforce change, how to position your company to be innovative and responsive to these new trends, and strategies to attract top talent and ensure your company comes out on top.

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