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Partner stories

“Through the Network I have built relationships with women I’d normally never meet. We share our journeys and struggles. I’ve learned I don’t have to balance work and life — I can integrate them. I don’t need to feel guilty when I step out to take a call from the school nurse and my house doesn’t have to look like Martha Stewart’s. Hearing the experiences of very successful women has helped me let some of my perfectionism go. I can embody a more realistic standard to help me lead a high performing, motivated and diverse team.”
Deana Bishop
Vice President, Retail Sales Capability
Coca-Cola Refreshments

“Our company is a national sponsor of NEW and I am on our corporate Diversity Management Leadership Council. We support the efforts of NEW both nationally and here in Phoenix, where one of my senior directors, Jennifer Chavez, is a co-chair for logistics. NEW is a great organization, and the educational, leadership, development and networking activities are a great benefit to our employees. As a senior leader in our organization, I feel that my team’s attendance at NEW events is a crucial part of our diversity efforts.”
Allison Brown
Senior Vice President of Client Financials
CVS Caremark


“In my role at PepsiCo, I’m concerned about developing young women who are just emerging in our company. Our women see other leaders at NEW events, are inspired, and bring what they learn back. They are contributing and they feel like they are contributing — and that helps PepsiCo retain great talent. As they grow as leaders, our young women are passing on the leadership skills to others they work with, men and women, and that can only make the company stronger.”
Denise Diaz
Director, Communications, PepsiCo Warehouse Sales
PepsiCo Inc.


“After my first experience at a NEW Northern California event, I quickly became an advocate of the Network’s mission and helped grow Clorox’s engagement from one member to nearly 250 across the United States and Canada. Now we are leveraging NEW as a ‘field employee resource group’ to connect women leaders to retail partners and industry peers. Today’s global marketplace requires new approaches and a diverse leadership team in terms of worldviews, experiences and thought processes. NEW is a key strategic partner in creating a culture of inclusion, where differences are valued and encouraged.”
Erby Foster
Director, Diversity and Inclusion
The Clorox Company


“We have a female team member on our team who was new to management when she joined about one-and-a-half years ago. She had excellent experience prior to that — all the competencies you look for. However, she was lacking confidence and a bit reluctant to completely “own” her categories without asking for regular assistance. Her category director was starting to get frustrated. Over the last six months, she has completely turned around. I had the privilege of sitting in on her recent performance review and she said, “Do you know when that [change] happened?” She reminded me that in one of the webinars we watched together, the speaker discussed how men will make decisions with 10 percent of the information and women have to have 90 percent. That was a watershed moment for her. She realized that she had to be confident with less information, make decisions and own her own area. She is! NEW made a difference in this member’s career, which is helping Tyson win even more.”
Melanie Russell
Vice President, Indirect Purchasing Team
Tyson Foods


“The first-ever NEW Philadelphia event featured Denise Morrison, now CEO of Campbell Soup Co. To hear stories [like these] up close and personal was so inspiring. That is what I love about the Network — it gives women access to other women’s success stories. My story is simply hard work and determination. Any glass ceiling — any ceiling — can be broken and people need to see that and hear that. NEW gives a platform to share our voices, our tricks of the trade, and ways we, as women, can balance our lives, seize opportunities and maneuver through our careers.”
Judy Spires
President and CEO
Kings Super Markets