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NEW Leadership Summit 2013

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Tuesday, October 22 | 9:45 am - 11:00 am | 1:45 pm - 3:00 pm
Sessions repeat in the afternoon, except Executive track

Emerging Leader I
Career Development: Getting a Seat in the Front Row

Marilyn Sherman, Founder, UpFront Presentations

Don’t wait for new roles and responsibilities — take control of your career in this 10-step workshop on how to advance at work and get the assignments you want. You’ll learn how to assess where you are now; identify your passion; find your unique strengths; dream big; avoid common traps; line up coaches and mentors; and create and seize the opportunities you want. You’ll get real-world examples of what works from interviews with top leaders and leave with strategies to help you achieve personal and professional success.

Emerging Leader II
Communicating Like a Leader

Kimberly Betts, Director, Retail Practice, Deloitte
Olivia Kwon, Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations
Deloitte Consulting LLP

The workforce is more diverse than ever, and five generations are now working side by side. Dramatically different audiences and instant 24/7 technologies make communicating your message more complex than ever. In this session, you‘ll learn how to improve all your communication skills — verbal, written and presentation — by focusing on how your audience wants to receive your message instead of how you want to give it. You’ll learn how to understand other people’s communications preferences, hone your listening and questioning abilities and take your relationships to the next level. You’ll leave with the communications tools you need to align leaders around your ideas and drive business success.

Manager/Director I
Transitioning to Workforce 2020

Jennifer Brown, President, Jennifer Brown Consulting
Sandy Hoffman, Chief Diversity Officer, Global Inclusion and Diversity, Cisco

The workforce of the future will look little like today’s. Younger workers with new expectations will challenge organizational structures and the very definition of leadership. Leaders who leverage workforce change will pull ahead by capitalizing on "disruptive” trends like globalization, demographic shifts and new technologies. In this session, workforce expert Jennifer Brown, a Cisco consulting partner, will team with Cisco Chief Diversity Officer Sandy Hoffman to present insights and recommendations from the firm’s landmark study on tomorrow’s workforce. You’ll get case studies and best practices from a cross-section of industries, learn about shifting demographics, hear how to leverage untapped resources in your organization, and identify opportunities for workforce transformation and innovation.

Manager/Director II
Building Authentic Leadership for Gender Inclusion

Leslie Traub, Chair and Chief Consulting Officer, Cook Ross Inc.
Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale, Principal Consultant, Cook Ross Inc.

We can’t move the needle on gender inclusion until we talk about unconscious bias. For decades, these conversations have been limited to finger pointing. But advances in neuroscience have transformed our concept of how to advance gender inclusion. In this session, two workforce experts will offer successful strategies to overcome unconscious bias in talent management. They’ll use a combination of simulations, small group discussion and personal reflection to help you understand the role of unconscious bias in your organization and your own career. You’ll learn how to define individual and systemic gender bias, understand the role unconscious bias plays in talent decisions and leave with solutions to help your organization identify, cultivate and promote talented women to senior management.

Manager/Director III
Leading During Challenging Times

Moderator:  Marian Cacciatore, Vice President, Global HR, Catalina
Teri Babcock, Managing Director, Retail, Talent and Organization, Accenture
Pat McKay, Partner, ArchPoint Consulting
Katie Lestan, Divisional Vice President, Health Systems
Walgreen Company

Change is a constant — and managing it is a key skill (and test) of a leader. This interactive session stars a panel of industry executives who will explore techniques and strategies to handle organizational change both personally and as a leader. Panelists will share insights from their own experiences navigating change in their organizations and help you develop a framework for change leadership. You’ll review an organizational change curve; participate in discussions on how to effectively lead through change; learn how to increase employee engagement; discuss the importance of self-care and taking care of your team; hear what to watch out for; and learn ways to overcome resistance to change.

Executive I – Morning only
Changing the Workplace Conversation for Women

Moderator:  Annie Zipfel, division vice president, marketing, REI
Anne-Marie Slaughter, President, New America Foundation

The woman who started a national work/life debate will expand on her opening keynote address and discuss her views on the myth of "having it all" at this NEW talk on gender in the workplace. Slaughter was recently appointed head of the New America Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute that invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States. Slaughter is a work/life advocate, former senior State Department official, and former professor and dean at Princeton University.

Executive II – Morning only
Social Media for Senior Leaders

Holly Pavlika, Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy, Collective Bias

Your employees and customers are using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube. But most senior leaders have not embraced these tools to help increase engagement, improve operating effectiveness and motivate their workforces. In this engaging and interactive session, you’ll learn how to talk with your key constituents and not just at them by cracking the code on social media. You’ll learn how to use social media to inspire, educate, shape company culture and attract emerging leaders. You’ll discover which platform is best for each type of engagement, witness best-in-class examples from other companies and participate in hands-on activities to get you started.

Executive III – Afternoon only
Innovation: How She Notices, Leads and Disrupts

Jackie Freiberg, Ph.D., corporate culture coach and author

Innovative companies create teams where it is safe for people to share fresh ideas, challenge tired practices and create pockets of innovation (POI). Innovation plays to the team-building strengths of women. To let everyone innovate every day and everywhere, senior leaders must notice, lead and disrupt. In this session you’ll learn how to equip your teams with strategies for owning innovation and leave with four strategies to help them lean into your strengths as an innovation leader.

Executive IV – Afternoon only
Women in Leadership: The Double-Bind Dilemma

Wendy Greuel, former controller, City of Los Angeles

Earlier this year, Wendy Greuel fell short in a valiant campaign to become the first female mayor of Los Angeles. Though a number of factors contributed to the loss, the race confirmed what Greuel and other women already know: When it comes to leadership, gender matters. In this provocative talk, Greuel will focus on the role gender played in her campaign and the double standard faced by women leaders in business as well as politics. She will discuss the media’s focus on her appearance, the questions raised whether she could be a good parent and a good mayor, and the double-bind dilemma of being seen as "too tough” vs. "not tough enough.”

Hot Topic I
Winning in the New World Marketplace

Farnaz Wallace, Founder and CEO, Farnaz Global

You’ve heard the conventional wisdom about the impact of globalization. Beyond the clichés and rhetoric, a rapid cultural shift has occurred in the last 10 years that is not being addressed. The white, male-dominated world portrayed in "Mad Men” has been replaced by a culturally diverse universe of customers, workers, businesses, communities and social models — many of which are not fully understood or integrated into companies’ strategic planning and branding. In this session, you’ll learn how to understand this new landscape of culture, ethnicity, gender roles and values, and ways to manage market change, both professionally and personally. You’ll leave with new business models, leadership tools and branding strategies to help you be a more effective leader and leverage key cultural changes, including the increasing importance of women, multicultural consumers and Millennials.

Hot Topic II
Women Supporting Women

Debra Langford, CEO, The Langford Company
Lyné Brown, Vice President of Sales, Customer Capability Development
The Clorox Company
Kim Newton, Vice President Strategy and Planning, North America
Hallmark Cards Inc.
Annette Dennig, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Walgreen Company

It is a common question in most organizations: "Why aren't women doing a better job of supporting each other?" In this session, industry leaders discuss the latest research on this challenging topic and share their own experiences. You'll learn how to begin a dialogue of advocacy in your workplace, increase your ability to be supported and support others, better understand the unique dynamic that women of color face when garnering support and hear key insights on identifying and obtaining an advocate and sponsor.

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