45 minutes each

Tuesday, 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Making the Strategic Ask: How to Get What You Want

Mary Davis Holt Partner, Flynn Heath & Holt

You’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask for it. But ask the wrong way and the answer may be "no.” To increase your chance of getting a "yes,” you’ll need to consider not just how to ask, but who and when to ask. In this session, you’ll learn how to best frame your question to suit your request, hear real-life case studies and participate in table exercises designed to help you approach management when seeking new resources, work arrangements, promotion or raise. Takeaways will include a checklist of must-have items before knocking on your boss’ door.

Never Regret Your First Impression

Genevieve Bos CEO, IdeaString

The elevator door closes. For a few fleeting moments you’re alone with your new CEO. Do you know what you’ll say if she asks you, "What do you do?” Do you have the confidence and are you prepared to initiate a powerful conversation yourself? Whether you’re engaged with a CEO, peer, or strategic alliance partner, first impressions really do count. In fact, a bad first impression takes 20 additional contacts to rectify – if you even get that chance. Looking for a new role in your company, a new job, or a big new project? In this workshop you’ll learn the key elements of how to position yourself powerfully in any situation and master your first impression.

Balancing Acts: Strategies for Busy Women

Christy Consler Vice President, Sustainability, Safeway Inc.
Dr. Barbara McFarland Psychologist and life balance expert
Kristen Wood Senior Consultant, Kalypso

Your quarterly report is due tomorrow and you promised to help your youngest finish her homework.  What do you do when you?'re in a position like this?  Can anything be done or must we always be forced to choose between career and personal lfe?  Increasingly, the answer is no. New attitudes and programs are changing the work/life equation. In this workshop we'll examine solutions that integrate work and life, offer a framework for setting priorities and provide strategies for both home and office.

Beyond Social Networking: Building Personal Advocacy

Steve Knox Former CEO, Tremor

Just having a presence online is no longer enough. In this fast-paced session, we’ll review the leading social networking applications and show how they can help you promote yourself and advance your career. You’ll learn why advocacy has become the key to effective social networking and how you can get your contacts to become your strongest advocates. It’s eye-opening advice from one of the field’s top experts, Steve Knox, former CEO of Procter & Gamble’s word-of-mouth advertising agency, Tremor.

Tough Talks: Communicating Clearly in High-Stakes Conversations

Angie Morgan Founder, Lead Star

High-stakes communications often require preparation, directness and even courage. But strong leaders see difficult conversations as opportunities for progress rather than situations to be feared or avoided. This session will teach you specific ways to leverage your communication skills to ensure productive, positive outcomes for all concerned. You’ll take away best practices for timely, direct conversations and learn how to deliver constructive feedback that gets results.

Plan B: Dealing with Unexpected Career Challenges

Jan Hill Founder, Hill Enterprises Inc.

You have the perfect career path laid out. Things are going right as planned. And then — boom! — the unexpected. Will you be ready when your best-laid plans are derailed? How will you react if there’s a major detour ahead? In this humorous and practical session, discover how to breathe, assess, move on — and create a Plan B that looks even better than Plan A.