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Summit closer Yvonne Camus to offer advice on beating stress

Wednesday, September 5, 2012  
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The NEW Leadership Summit 2012 will close with advice from Yvonne Camus, extreme athlete and high-performance motivator, who will make you rethink workplace pressures.

Drawing on the latest thinking in nutrition, exercise, relaxation and mindset Camus will offer effective real-life strategies to overcome and channel unrelenting stress to live a high-performance life.

"Yvonne is enthusiastic and dynamic,” said NEW member Karin Thrift, director of sales for Clif Bar & Company, who heard Camus speak at a convenience retailing conference. "Her story of being part of the youngest rookie team to ever complete the Eco-Challenge shares the excitement and difficulty of that race as she pushed herself to her physical limits. But the message of what she accomplished in the race reaches further than physical limits. It incorporates how women can push themselves to places they didn’t think possible in business, family or sports by not giving up.”

Thrift said she is interested in both Camus’ physicality and the way the athlete has overcome obstacles in her path. "Our founder, Gary Erickson, speaks often of the differences between the ‘red roads’ and the ‘white roads’ on maps and in life,”she noted. "The red roads are the fastest routes from one point to another, but they are also bigger and more congested. White roads are small, less traveled routes and usually the least direct way to get anywhere – they take longer but the journey on these roads is more rewarding and enjoyable. Clif Bar & Company is a ‘white road’ company. Yvonne Camus is a ‘white road’ person!”

Although Clif Bar & Company is relatively small in terms of number of employees, Thrift said, the company will be represented by at least three women at the NEW Leadership Summit 2012. "From past experience, we’ve found the Summits very informative," she said. "We always walk away having learned something new!”

This year’s NEW Leadership Summit, Oct. 22-23 in Dallas, will include three keynote speakers; six workshops; three learning tracks for emerging leaders, mid-level leaders and senior executives; an all-store c-suite panel;  a two-hour NEW Leadership Academy supersession; Regional Awards Gala;  Summit luncheon; and much more.

Register now or contact your Network Ambassador to qualify for our best Summit registration and hotel rates.

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