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Nearly half of women think workplace is unfair, study says

Tuesday, December 18, 2012  
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Most women are happy with their jobs, but nearly half believe women are treated unfairly in their professions, according to the 2012 BlogHer Women and Work Study.

Fifty-one percent of the more than 1,000 women who use the BlogHer website and responded to the survey say they love their job, whether working for a company (31 percent) or themselves (22 percent). Another one-fifth of the women surveyed say their job is "fine for now.” Nearly 10 percent feel they are underpaid or underemployed. Four percent are unemployed and another 3 percent are actively seeking a job. Two percent "dread going to work every day.”

On whether or not they feel they are being treated fairly, 56 percent of the women said they were treated "very fairly” (25 percent) or "fairly” (31 percent). Nearly 40 percent, however, rated workplace fairness as "questionable” and said women have difficulty being recognized or advancing. Another 7 percent said "it’s a man’s world and it’s an uphill battle for women to get ahead.” Younger women had a slightly rosier view of the workplace.

Women were split on working if they didn’t have to for financial reasons. Thirty-six percent said they would not, with 20 percent saying they’d travel and pursue hobbies and 16 percent saying they’d be stay-at-home moms. Another 36 percent said they would work even if they received a financial windfall, though 16 percent of that group said they’d do something different. Eight percent said they would "probably” continue working because they’d be bored if they didn’t.

2012 BlogHer Women and Work Study 

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