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News & Blogs: Rising Above the Middle

Ambitious? Let your boss know you want that promotion

Thursday, July 18, 2013  
Posted by: Barbara Francella
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By Leanna Cruz

If you are interested in being a rising star, you have to get noticed and your boss must be aware of your ambitions.

Gone are the days when the work speaks for itself — and there was never a time when a boss could read minds. Don’t risk being passed over for promotion. Make your desires known.

Here are five ways to show your boss that you are interested in advancement:

1. Be vocal. Never assume your supervisors know your career aspirations. Discuss your career goals with clarity. Ask for feedback about your current performance with respect to job responsibilities, current skills with respect to those required for the next level of promotion and current knowledge about strategic initiatives important to corporate goals. Know where your gaps are and discuss a plan to fill in the gaps.

2. Be visible. Volunteer for projects that are critical to the strategic initiatives of the company, especially those that require you to develop new relationships, learn new skills and network with colleagues in other business areas or departments. By stepping forward instead of waiting to be assigned, you show initiative, an interest in learning and a willingness to take risks. Become known as a trusted resource for information, talent, connections or ideas.

3. Commit to continuous learning. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills that will enhance your effectiveness in your current job and at the next level. We are in a period of rapid change and introduction of new technology. Individuals who have not kept their career ahead of the curve are having difficulty finding satisfying jobs or are playing catch up. To continue to be a successful professional, you’ll need to remain ahead of future skill requirements.

4. Be an innovator. Big, innovative ideas start with a small, new idea. Collaboration of individuals with different perspectives who contribute unique thoughts and information is what leads to the big idea. Discover how you fit into this collaborative model. You don’t have to be the idea generator; you can contribute to make new ideas better or motivate and inspire others to contribute to the development of ideas.

5. Be interested. Learn which skills executives believe are important for future leaders, which initiatives are important to executives and what technology will affect the way your business area, clients or company will do business in the future. Take action to be out in front. Become an expert and a valuable resource for the future needs of your colleagues, clients and top executives.

Rapid change in the marketplace creates career advancement opportunities. Drive your career advancement by committing to be a resource of value and involving others in your career plan and skills development.

Don’t sit tight. Get noticed and get promoted.

Career advancement specialist Leanna Cruz is president and CEO of Positively Successful Career and Positively Successful magazine, a resource dedicated to helping mid-career professionals get noticed, get promoted and get ahead.

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