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News & Blogs: Leadership Summit

At the NEW Summit: The Clif Bar & Co. experience

Thursday, October 31, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Barbara Francella
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Clif Bar & Co.’s Vice President of Customer Marketing Sarah Ciccarello, Vice President of Sales Karen Jobb, Director of Sales Karin Thrift, Director of Sales-West Tiffany Pratt and National Account Manager Heather Cooper attended the NEW Leadership Summit 2013 and left with new ideas, strategies and action plans. Here, they share their NEW Summit experience.

During the NEW Leadership Summit, the five of us attended 36 session units, some of them general sessions attended by all of us. We made an effort to attend separate workshops and share what we learned to maximize the experience and the speakers’ powerful messages.

NEW Leadership Academy supersession

  • Know your personal brand.
  • Be famous for something.Know what your claim to fame is.
  • What do you want your legacy to be?”

"The Coming Work/Life Revolution” and "Changing the Workplace Conversation” with Anne-Marie Slaughter

  • The"Flexible Workplace” needs to transition to a "Customized Workplace.” Companies that embrace customized/flexible benefits do better than those that do not. Attracting and retaining educated, healthy and happy employees gives these companies a competitive edge.
  • Studies reveal a "Flexible Stigma.”Employees who take full advantage of customized/flexible benefits (telecommuting, part time, flex time, time off) are less likely to be perceived as top performers by management. This can alienate valuable team members, including Millennials and working parents, who are demanding a more well-rounded work experience and customization benefits. Lack of flexible and customized working benefits are cited as the number-one reason people left companies in 2012, regardless of pay. 
  • Organizational belief change is crucial. If family comes first, it doesn't mean work comes second. Companies must create a culture where people feel completely supported. Organizations need to have an honest conversation about what is necessary, face time versus office time vs. productive work time, meetings, travel, etc. Working productively today means working differently and that is driven by technology.
  • Companies and the United States need to adopt paid maternity/paternity/family leave and customized benefits and embrace part time, flex time, job sharing and time off (sabbatical) policies to be successful in changing work environment with changing workforce.
  • Society must value and reward caregiving, not just breadwinning. We need to stop valuing those that make most money, work the most hours are the most aggressive over those who are responsible for family care-giving.
  • Women must consider physical and mental "self care” to help with work/life integration.
  • A career can be like interval training. Depending on the point you are in your life, you can go hard and fast at times and pull back at others.

Women Supporting Women Learning Session

  • There are three people you need in your career: a mentor who advises you, a sponsor who introduces you to new things and an advocate who publicly supports you.
  • Of all the people in your workplace, 15 percent are "Loyalists” who will go out of their way to support you, 70 percent are "Benign Saboteurs” and the other 15 percent are "Terrorists.” Who will you be a Loyalist for?

Transitioning to Workforce 2020

There are compelling business reasons to think through what different generations are about, how they are motivated and what they need. For example, Millennials (GenX, born between 1977-1997) will make up 75 percent of workforce by 2028. The top thing they desire in a job is flexibility. They are independent and ambitious, give back and are ready and willing to leave, with 37 percent having one foot out the door.

C-Suite Roundtable: The Art of Risk Taking

Take risks. Sometimes not taking a risk is a risk in itself. However, be sure to weigh the impact of that risk personally and on the company. Ask for help often and early.

The Clif Bar & Company left the NEW Leadership Summit 2013 with plans to:

  • Get clear on authentic leadership style. What is "my” leadership niche? How do I cultivate leadership presence and make it visible?
  • Review the NEW Ambassador best practices to bring NEW to life at the company. Encourage colleagues to be more involved in NEW in each region.
  • Carefully and intentionally approach changes with my team to minimize negative impact to productivity and morale.
  • Share ideas of what other companies are doing regarding flexible workplace and changing workplace models.
  • Incorporate self-care into each day: Exercise regularly and practice techniques from stress and relaxation training.
  • Make family and personal life a priority and make their support systems more visible so that people see the reality of what it takes to have the ability to "lean in.”

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