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33 things our members would do with “no limits”

Thursday, August 7, 2014  
Posted by: Barbara Francella
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JoAnn Piedmont, vice president, Walmart Center of Excellence for Nielsen, is the winner of the Network’s "No Limits,” contest, held in conjunction with the recently concluded NEW Executive Leaders Forum 2014.

Nearly three dozen NEW members and supporters entered the contest, which asked the question, "What would you do if you had ‘no limits?’” (Piedmont’s entry was selected at random to receive a free registration to the NEW Leadership Summit 2014, Oct. 22-24 in Atlanta.)

Piedmont wrote: "With no limits...women can rise above their circumstances and take the entrepreneurial bull by the horn. Let's empower ourselves and others.”

Here are all the "no limits” responses posted on our Facebook page and NEW Forum mobile:

1. "If I had no limits, I would eradicate all disease.” — Sue Bandurraga, Market Vice President, Pacific NW, Walgreen Company

2. "If had no limits, I would endeavor to make quality education for all children in this country not a privilege, but a right and entitlement, regardless of their background.” — Stacey Beck, marketing lead, consumer goods and services, North America, Accenture

3. "I would make the business world a place where everyone was respected, valued and has equal opportunity for success.” — Trudy Bourgeois, CEO and founder of The Center for Workforce Excellence

4. "If I had #nolimits, I would become the only true subject matter expert on fitness and nutrition. There are so many diets and fads going on right now, many of which are unhealthy. Everything is so subjective. It would be awesome to be able to know for sure what the very best way is to eat, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle that would benefit us and help avoid medical conditions of all kinds. If I had all of the answers, I would spread the word and educate each and every female." — Erin Cannizo, senior manager, client services, Resource

5. "With #nolimits I would be a #Diversity & #Inclusion leader with a #homestead and three #pitbulls who helps orgs through networks, education and technology maximize the benefit of human diversity. I am close!” — Kevin Carter, senior director, diversity and inclusion, Ahold USA

6. "If there were #nolimits, more women would live boldly on purpose recognizing there's inevitable success in whatever good works we pursue.” — Christina Cole, regional development manager, Network of Executive Women

7. "I'd spend time traveling domestically and abroad, empowering others through servant leadership to inspire and impact positive change.” — Christina Cole, regional development manager, Network of Executive Women

8. "I'd become a runner like Vicki Felker! Congratulations on your journey Vicki!” — Christina Cole, regional development manager, Network of Executive Women

9. "If I had #nolimits I would hike around the world and help cultures and societies find common ground so we can all get along. I'd help people learn to appreciate their differences not fight to eradicate them. World Peace!" — Jennifer DePaola, vice president, human resources and chief diversity officer, Young’s Market Company

10. "With #nolimits I would spend much, much more time at Terrenea and sunny SoCal reconnecting with friends. Looking forward to my first #NEWELF.” — Melissa Donaldson, director, diversity networks and communication, Walgreen Company

11. "Time to take my power, influence and impact to new levels! #NoLimits!” — Melissa Donaldson, director, diversity networks and communication, Walgreen Company

12. "If I had ‪#‎nolimits I would train every boy and girl with financial literacy, especially after hearing the U.S. is so behind.” — Kathryn M. Dunning, director of accounting and finance, American Licorice Company

13. "If there were no limits, we would live in a world where every woman unapologetically commanded her voice, unleashed her power and freed herself from doubt. She would know she was indeed powerful beyond measure and liberate herself to shine!” — Vicki Felker, NEW Forum co-chair and vice president and managing director, market development, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

14. "‘Your playing small does not serve the world’ -- Marianne Williamson. #nolimits.” — Tara Frank, vice president, multicultural, Hallmark Marketing Corporation

15. "You can do anything. If you can't do it where you are, do it elsewhere. Do the thing only you can do." #nolimits @NEWnational” — Tara Frank, vice president, multicultural strategy, Hallmark Marketing Corporation

16. "If I had #nolimits: I would spend my time and use my gifts to enable others and businesses to live up to their full potential.” — Tara Frank, vice president, multicultural strategy, Hallmark Marketing Corporation

17. "Giving back -- how can I use my experience to help less advantaged. #NoLimits” — Sheila Gamble, senior vice president, client services, Crossmark

18. "If I had #nolimits I would make it my mission to help every young lady who is disadvantaged by poverty, broken families, low self-esteem, etc. to realize their biggest dreams of success!" — Michelle Harris, regional staffing and training specialist, Harris Teeter

19. "I would expand the residential life skills program for young women that we started with my church to include travel and global cultural immersion.” — Monica Hawkins, founder & CEO, Professional Pipeline Development Group

20. "I would help all people know there are no limits to what you can accomplish.” — Betsy Hosick, NEW Board chair and general manager, SCM, for downstream, midstream and services for Chevron Corporation

21. "I would ensure all people felt worthy and help all of us know we have purpose meaning and power!” — Betsy Hosick, NEW Board chair and general manager, SCM, for downstream, midstream and services for Chevron Corporation

22. "Everyone would be treated equally, regardless of gender, religion, socio-economic status, color, religion or sexual orientation. ‪#‎nolimits” — Jill McCarthy, customer vice president, Mondelēz International

23. "If there were #nolimits, the world would be as beautiful as this view and everyone would be accepted, inspired and happy!” — Joy Nicholas, principal, JN Retail Connections

24. "#nolimits is how regional chapters happen!” — Bobbie O’Hare, vice president, business development, JOH

25. "If I had no limits, I would ensure that every child in the world be given the opportunity to dream, the courage to believe in themselves and the encouragement from someone who loves them.” — Valerie Oswalt, vice president, West Area, Mondelēz International

26. "To stretch myself every day and take risks without fear or judgment.” — Virginia Pigeaire, business development manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

27. "I would be bold and insist that as female leaders we bring in top female and diverse talent. No more excuses for not finding our highly qualified colleagues. Would prescribe that 50 percent of the candidate search pool be for women and start to hire our future successors and shape our leadership!” — Stephanie Plaines, vice president, business planning & performance, Ahold USA

28. "I would create an opportunity for every first-world person to visit a third-world country.” — Sue Stanek, founder, Inspiring Results

29. "With no limits I would explore new things more often, demonstrate massive living every day, and visit every person that I love and tell them so face to face." — Chastity Stevenson, senior sales director, North Texas and Oklahoma, PepsiCo Inc.

30. "Perfect evening for dining outside at the #ELF conference. #NoLimits” — Karin Thrift, director of sales, Clif Bar & Company

31. "Life with no limits would be fearlessly taking more risks, living out my passions every day and inspiring others to do the same.” — La Tonya Vincent, controller, CHEP North America

32. "If there were #nolimits, I would make sure every child had a decent education and a fair chance in life.” — Rob Wray, director of communications, Network of Executive Women

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