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Write? Right! Tap your inner wisdom

Wednesday, October 22, 2014  
Posted by: Barbara Francella
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By Tricia Molloy

Do you keep a journal? It's one of the most effective ways to access your inner wisdom for success in business and life.

Some people keep a traditional diary, where they chronicle what happened that day.

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Others write in a "gratitude journal," taking the time a few nights a week to list the things they are most thankful for that day and including at least one unique entry. The list might include health, family, a job you love, mastering new software or scheduling a new client meeting. Keeping a gratitude journal lets you focus on what's going right in your life and work. The universal law states, "What you focus on expands." An added benefit: It often leads to a more peaceful sleep.

A "gut instinct journal” helps you develop your intuition by keeping track of the decisions you make based solely on your gut instincts. They may be choosing to partner with someone new on a project or planning a trip. Looking back on these entries and seeing the success rate of "going with your gut" will encourage you to trust your instincts next time.

Then, there's the "what's up journal.” On the top of the page, you write the simple question, "What's up?" and start free writing. Keep the pen to the paper and refrain from editing or judging whatever you write. Within a few minutes, you will tap into your wise inner guidance. You'll uncover unconscious motives for some decisions you've made and gain new insights on old challenges.

What's your experience with journaling?

Tricia Molloy is a corporate leadership speaker and the author of Working with Wisdom. She works to inspire professionals to be more positive and productive through keynote speeches and employee development talks, workshops and webinars.

Views expressed in signed blogs are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Network of Executive Women or its Officers, Board members and corporate partners.

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