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New talent seeks new thinking

Tuesday, November 17, 2015  
Posted by: Rufino Cabang
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Most industry employers do not fully understand — or respond to — the needs and workplace preferences of the industry's youngest talent, which is leading to high dissatisfaction and turnover, according to Sarah Sladek, founder of management consulting firm XYZ University, during "Workforce 2020: Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Talent," the final webinar in the NEW Multigenerational Leadership series, Nov. 12, 2015.

As Baby Boomers are no longer the majority of the workforce, companies need to better understand the Millennial, or Gen Y, and Gen Z mindset to attract and retain top talent. "We are really going to see the demand for organizations to move from being in an industrial era to post-industrial thinking and acting," Sladek said.

Unlike previous generations, Millennials don't feel a need to conform to established thinking. "It's okay to take a risk, make a mistake, try something new," she said.

Having a voice, and a value, are important to Generation Y employees. "New talent needs to know they're in the driver's seat," Sladek said.

For the upcoming, younger Generation Z, technology is not only digital, it's also mobile. The need for workplace flexibility will increase.

Generation Z expects multiculturalism as well. Now entering college and career this year, the oldest of Gen Z has never known a world without diversity and inclusion.

Innovation rules

Traditional, linear hierarchies are losing their relevance in the changing workforce. "Experience and wisdom are no longer supreme," Sladek said. "The commodity is now innovation."

"Millennials have started more companies than any other generation," she added. "They migrate toward this idea of entrepreneurialism. It's freedom. It's challenging."

Harnessing that entrepreneurial spirit can drive business success. Sladek urged leaders to ask themselves if every member of the team is working toward the goal and if all team members have a stake in innovation. "[Younger talent] wants to be asked to use their minds in creative ways," she said.

The NEW Multigenerational Leadership series is designed to help the industry's leaders and aspiring leaders, of all ages, manage today's multigenerational workforce. NEW members may catch up on past webinars in the NEW Study Hall. Non-members may view webinars for $99 each.

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