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News & Blogs: 5 Questions

5 Questions with Michelle Barbetto

Monday, May 23, 2011  
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Sales Strategy Analyst

Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company

"NEW's mission plays a pivotal role.”

Network of Executive Women Ambassador Michelle Barbetto is a sales strategy analyst for Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company in Fort Washington, Pa. She is in her second assignment with the company, providing dedicated analytical focus and support to multiple over-the-counter brands. Michelle is a 2008 graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, holding a degree in food marketing.

Why is NEW's mission to "attract, retain and advance women” in the cpg/retail industry relevant to you and your emerging-leader peers?

NEW’s mission aims to meet the needs of women through different forums of live and online engagement. In an industry where the majority of shoppers are women, NEW’s mission plays a pivotal role for businesses. The Network offers me and other emerging leaders the valuable, intellectual resources to meet our career objectives and drive growth within our organizations.

In what ways can you and other emerging talent best leverage the Network’s educational and networking opportunities?

The Network has an abundance of different developmental and networking opportunities. In addition to leveraging NEW’s website and attending regional events, it is important to take advantage of opportunities when they are offered. As an Ambassador to the Network, I have become an important part of driving NEW’s strategy within my organization. With NEW’s focus in many different geographies in the United States and Canada, seeking out and offering assistance to regional leaders in your company is a great way to get involved and drive your personal visibility.

How have the Network’s resources helped you further your career?

As a Network ambassador I have had multiple opportunities to broaden my personal network internally. The national and regional networking events have allowed me to build connections throughout the cpg/retail industry and offered me the opportunity to listen and apply learning from key industry [leaders].

What other tools could NEW offer to help you and your peers build skills and relationships?

The Network does a great job fostering talent, enhancing skill sets and helping women build connections. As generational workforce turnover happens, NEW has an opportunity to help shape emerging talent through early engagement. I believe NEW has an opportunity to champion three specific initiatives to foster emerging talent: engagement in future strategic Network initiatives, formal mentor relationship programs and multi-generational committees and forums.

In what ways can cpg/retail companies best connect to emerging leaders and tap into their talents?

I feel it is extremely important to be connected to a larger picture, a part of something bringing valuable change. When an individual feels appreciated, respected and important, companies can fully tap into talent. In addition, technology, such as smart phones and tablets, are a vital part of personal and professional landscapes and are powerful tools of productivity. Arming emerging leaders with current technology is an essential part of leveraging talent.

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