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Fawn Germer inspires change at Greater Philadelphia event

Friday, May 25, 2012  
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Nearly 200 Network of Executive Women members and supporters learned to re-think their approach to their careers at the NEW Greater Philadelphia spring networking event, May 23, 2012 at The Hershey Company’s corporate headquarters in Hershey, Pa.

Fawn Germer, author of seven business books, including The NEW Woman Rules, told the sold-out crowd that many people, especially women, find reasons to talk themselves out pursuing a goal. "We need to recognize this bad habit and stop ourselves from falling into this trap,” she said.

Change is inevitable, she added. "Do you want to keep chasing it from behind or lead from the front and be prepared for the changes that you are driving? Most of what we worry about never happens, so why do we spend so much time worrying about it? Live your life to the fullest and aspire for big things in your professional and personal life.”

After the event, NEW members praised Germer’s presentation. "Fawn shared ‘makes you think’ observations,” said Paul Hagerty of  The Hershey Company. "One that crystallized for me: Even those of us who think we don't have negative thoughts about ourselves do. Realizing this, we can work to recognize, understand and eliminate negative thoughts, take charge and build on our strengths.”

The best-selling author shared advice everyone in the room could connect with, according to Amy Hahn of The Hershey Company. "My favorite line from Fawn was ‘Don't be invisible!’ To be viable is to be visible. At work, be engaged and deliver results. And in life, live with purpose and conviction. It can all change in an instant."

Germer’s keynote address made NEW Greater Philadelphia Co-Chair Programs Shilpa Pai of Deloitte & Touche "sit up and realize I need to be the change agent in driving my career and my life,” she said. "The personal stories Fawn shared resonated with me. I realize how lucky I am, and how I need to appreciate and use what I have.”

The event also included a wine-and-chocolate tasting seminar led by Shawn Houser, senior manager of chocolate excellence for The Hershey Company.

"Our inaugural event to reach the 'greater reaches' of the Greater Philadelphia region was a resounding success," according to Christine Hartman of Saint Joseph’s University. "The event served our Central Pennsylvania members in the sweetest possible way!"

Among the companies sending delegations to the event were Acosta, Ahold USA, Campbell Soup Company, Giant Food Stores, The Hershey Company, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods and SUPERVALU.


Nearly 200 NEW members and supporters attended the Greater
Philadelphia spring networking event, May 23, 2012.

The Hershey Company’s wine and chocolate tasting team sets up.

Shawn Houser of The Hershey Company offered advice on pairing
wine and chocolate.


Sue Rorke-Lawler of SUPERVALU; Ilea Evans of Campbell Soup Company; Shilpa Pai
 of Deloitte & Touche; and Linda Gilroy of JOH join author Fawn Germer; Michele Buck and Amy Hahn, both of The Hershey Company; Sherry Caldwell of SUPERVALU and Shawn Houser of The Hershey Company.

(Front row, from left): NEW Greater Philadelphia committee members Christine Hartman of Saint Joseph’s University, Roberta Kitchenoff of Kitchenoff & Associates, Co-Secretary Sue Rorke-Lawler of SUPERVALU and Co-Chair Programs Shilpa Pai of Deloitte & Touche networked with keynote speaker Fawn Germer, Treasurer Linda Gilroy of JOH and Co-Secretary Sherry Caldwell of SUPERVALU. Joining them were (back row, from left) Paul Hagerty of The Hershey Company, Christine Bokunewicz of Ahold USA, Deepti Modgekar of Deloitte & Touche, Co-Chair Logistics Ilea Evans and Courtney Piper, both of Campbell Soup Company, Donna Sheetz of Donovan Advertising and Margot Hoerner of Proctor & Gamble.

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