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Legacies built with love and grit, Brockovich says

Friday, August 3, 2012  
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While working through the case that resulted in the famous $300 million judgment against Pacific Gas & Electric for the residents of Hinkley, Calif., Erin Brockovich had to find a way to believe in herself and trust her decisions. But there were others who believed in her from the beginning, the renowned legal consultant told Network members in her closing keynote address, "Step by Step: Leaving the Legacy of a Lifetime,” at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum, Aug. 2, 2012 at the Terranea Resort.

Brockovich’s mother, she said, instilled in her the importance of "stick-to-it-iveness,” while a teacher guided her through dyslexia from failing grades to straight As. Her father, she said, also left her a legacy, that of honesty. His integrity gave her the capacity to recognize the need for truth, a need that led her to value such battles as the one for Hinkley, and many others.

To leave a legacy of overcoming obstacles, Brockovich said she relies on a dependable formula, which she calls "RAM plus 4 Ls” -- Realization, Assessment, Motivation, Logic, Leverage, Loyalty and Love.

Overcoming challenges starts with realizing that everything begins with you and embracing the belief in your own power. "Don’t be afraid to be your own hero,” she said. "As a leader, stand on your own two feet. Make decisions for yourself.”

Women also need to take an assessment of themselves -- not what they have, but who they are. Don’t be afraid to give yourself an appraisal, she advised. "Look for better ways to run or start your business. Be willing to adapt to new realities, and don’t fear the change. Once you reassess, you will find confidence to move forward to your success.”

Maintain the fuel, or motivation, that keeps you moving; find a moment of self-renewal. "This is your moment,” Brockovich said of the Executive Leaders Forum, "being here today.” Motivation requires positive thinking, which is easy to lose. Find a way to fit inspiration into your life. Smell the roses, be in the moment.

Logic, she said, is "a big made-up word for common sense.” The principal of leverage, she noted, "is one plus one equals a hundred or more. Don’t be afraid to get or give help. Together we can build an incredible team.”

Women need to have respect for themselves, for others, their family and their business. " Be loyal to your own stick-to-it-iveness,” she said. "Don’t give up when going gets tough.”

Finally, Brockovich asked the crowd, "What if there was no money or material positions to chase? The ‘why’ of our lives is born of love, in every aspect of our lives. Love of ourselves, family, children, country, passion, humanity and of course, the love of happiness.”


"Don’t be afraid to be your own hero,” Erin Brockovich told attendees
at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.

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