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Board Chair's Message
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My first day as Network of Executive Women Board chair began in front of a record-breaking crowd of more than 1,000 NEW members representing more than 400 organizations at the NEW Leadership Summit 2012 in Dallas. I was struck by energy, the talent and the great potential of the women in the room. In those few moments, it became clear that women -- now more than ever -- hold the key to the consumer products and retail industry -- and that the Network is key to leveraging the amazing power of women.

The leadership, creativity and productivity demonstrated by our members in the workplace, in the activities of the Network’s 19 regions in the United States and Canada, as NEW officers and Board members, and in their own communities demonstrate the value of women and their unique perspectives and skills.  Our members are a living testament to the relevance and urgency of the Network's mission of attracting, retaining and advancing women in consumer products and retail. The mission is significant not just for women, but everyone who cares about this industry.

As our industry is expected to "do more with less,” to prove -- and improve -- ROI, to develop high-potential talent and excel in an intensely competitive environment, the Network’s educational and networking opportunities are more crucial and valuable than ever.

By being fully engaged in the Network, 6,700 NEW members have the power to help each other and transform our industry. Gender diversity is not something to be managed, but a rich -- and growing -- trove of talent, knowledge and experience that can propel our industry forward.

Best regards,

Catherine Lindner
Board Chair, Network of Executive Women


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