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Barbara Mroczynski

Region: NEW New York Metro

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: Spending time with family, do-it-yourself home projects, calligraphy, hiking.

Recent accomplishment: Becoming the New York Metro region’s Communication Officer.

Why I like NEW: It is an amazing organization that really strives to achieve its mission and goals to advance women, grow business and transform the industry’s workplace through wonderful networking and educational opportunities.


Bliss Pierce
Global Consumer Insights Associate
General Mills

Region: NEW Twin Cities

Joined NEW: 2008

Interests: Activities related to exploring, creating, learning and sharing.

Recent accomplishment: Partnered with a local non-profit to encourage our governor to take a more vocal stance against a bill that would adversely impact female wage-earners.

Why I like NEW: NEW helps me connect to my purpose of improving the lives of women in the world. Through college outreach in my region, I can see women discover new opportunities in CPG and mentor them into pursuing their passion.


Jessica Daveata
Graphic Designer
Unified Grocers

Region: Southern California

Joined NEW: 2016

Interests: Lettering, illustrations, songwriting, reading, animal welfare and cycling.

Recent accomplishment: Finished reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown.

Why I like NEW: It's a wonderful chance to get to know so many accomplished and inspirational women – the opportunity for personal and professional growth is amazing.


Elise Helene Keeler
Customer Account Lead
General Mills

Region: NEW Cincinnati

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Running, music, reading, figure skating and my niece Kinley.

Recent accomplishment: Just finished my second half marathon and was promoted to account manager!

Why I like NEW: It’s a great place to meet strong, like-minded leaders in my industry, and a great way to meet people when being relocated.


Kristen O’Neill
Key Account Manager
BISSELL Homecare Inc.

Region: NEW Western Michigan

Joined NEW: 2017

Interests: Boating, skiing, beach volleyball – anything outdoors.

Recent accomplishment: Graduating with my MBA in July 2017!

Why I like NEW: It offers development resources and tools to help BISSELL associates advance in their careers. We are looking forward to the customizable career workshop we are planning for this fall. Furthermore, it’s a great place to network and learn best practices from leaders in different industries.


Stephanie Chang
Senior Account Executive, Omnichannel
Procter & Gamble

Region: NEW Northern California

Joined NEW: 2007

Interests: Travel, cooking, hanging out with my nieces and nephews.

Recent accomplishment: Just finished my MBA at Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) while working full time.

Why I like NEW: It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet inspirational women with a diverse set of backgrounds who are united to advance gender equality across the country.


Nikki Mansch
Senior Category Manager
Mars Petcare

Region: NEW Northwest Arkansas

Joined NEW: 2015

Interests: Spending time with friends and family, volunteering, reading, traveling, and my Goldendoodle, Olivia.

Recent accomplishment: Recently became a category advisor for Walmart!

Why I like NEW: The opportunity it provides in meeting new people, exposure to industry expertise and the wonderful events have been second to none for my personal and professional development. The NEW Leadership Summit was an especially amazing experience!


HaShawn Epps
Technology Delivery Lead

Region: NEW North Texas

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Public service, New Orleans Saints football, international travel.

Recent accomplishment: Completed my Cloud Certification with Oracle. Also a 2016 NEW Rising Stars graduate.

Why I like NEW: NEW provides a platform for women to stay plugged into what’s going on across various industries, as well as career development opportunities.


Amy Armstrong Smith
National Account Manager, Kroger

Region: NEW Cincinnati

Joined NEW: 2007

Interests: My family, volunteering as a Brownie leader, PTA member and school council. Love to travel, read and be with people.

Recent accomplishment: As NEW Cincinnati co-secretary, helped lead the region to a 2016 Best of the Best award.

Why I like NEW: NEW has given me the opportunity to expand my skill set and engage with top women in the CPG industry.


Tori McGillen

Region: NEW Carolinas

Joined NEW: 2015

Interests: I help mentor an all-girls FIRST Robotics Competition team, love taking road trips, make music whenever I get the chance and relax with a good video game or book.

Recent accomplishment: Promoted to senior coordinator. I’m looking forward to training others in my new role.

Why I like NEW: I enjoy sharing all the NEW content with my colleagues – the topics and speakers have sparked many great conversations. NEW webinars are a fantastic learning resource.


Tara Jaye Frank
Corporate Culture Advisor

Hallmark Cards Inc.

Region: NEW North Texas

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Leading, learning and lifting others up!

Recent accomplishment: Just joined Children International, a global organization aiming to eradicate childhood poverty, as a board director.

Why I like NEW: NEW's mission and my own are intertwined. My professional purpose is to help women advance theirs, and NEW does that beautifully. For me, NEW is a space of hope and inspiration.


Robert Echevarria
Business Solutions Consultant
Perficient Digital

Region: NEW Atlanta

Joined NEW: 2016

Interests: Huge technophile: mobility, artificial intelligence, internet of things, the singularity; music and people.

Recent accomplishment: Getting profiled by NEW.

Why I like NEW: It’s a comfortable environment to meet like-minded people with similar aspirations.


Wendi Archambault
Director of Sales, Health and Wellness
Pinnacle Foods

Region: NEW Twin Cities

Joined NEW: 2003

Interests: Hiking, cycling, running and spending time with my husband Scott and my two boys Nate and Logan.

Recent accomplishment: I recently joined Pinnacle Foods to help drive the Health and Wellness portfolio in the central part of the U.S. I'm excited to be working with brands I really believe in and use everyday.

Why I like NEW: Early in my career NEW provided fantastic opportunities for professional growth and development. As I have progressed and moved across the country for roles, I am grateful for the opportunities and connections NEW has provided. I encourage everyone to get involved with your NEW region — you won't regret it!


Stacy Jones-Ries
Senior Director, Global Media Relations for Consumer Industries

Region: NEW Greater Philadelphia

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: Traveling with my husband and three daughters.

Recent accomplishment: Started running again when we got a puppy – I can't keep up with her energy if we don't run!

Why I like NEW: It is a great combination for career development, gender diversity education and industry expertise.


Tom Ashworth
Senior Manager, Strategic Diversity Management
CVS Health

Region: Chicago / NEW Ambassador

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Kansas City Royals baseball; sandy places, whether on the desert or at the beach; and working in my yard to ensure the "perfect” lawn.

Recent accomplishment: My greatest and ongoing accomplishment is what I like to think of as positive 13 years of influence and guidance of my 17 year-old son Baylor — adopted from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine at age 4.

Why I like NEW: The greatest benefit to engaging with NEW is the multitude of industry-leading personal and professional development resources it offers to professionals. These learning and networking opportunities cross all demographics, boundaries of career level and ambition — and are beneficial even to men!


Mercedes E. Jaime
Sr. Corporate Manager, Supplier Diversity

Region: NEW Twin Cities

Joined NEW: 2008

Interests: My three daughters, the three J’s: Jessica, Jaqueline and Jennifer; family, friends and making meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

Recent accomplishment: Launched the NEW Supplier Diversity Pilot Program in Twin Cities, in partnership with my NEW sisters and supplier diversity advocates Stephanie McFee, Julie Janckila and Debbie Wildrick.

Why I like NEW: NEW provides a safe haven where women are able to learn about our industry, leadership skills, mentorship; take on leadership roles and be innovative!


Kate Chin
P&G Albertsons Team, East Team Leader

Region: NEW New England

Joined NEW: 2001 as a mentee in the mentor/mentee program.

Interests: Sports, traveling, spending time with family.

Recent accomplishment: Received the Outstanding Business Results Award for Fiscal Year 15-16.

Why I like NEW: It’s where I entered the "CPG world” and started my career at P&G. A positive personal and professional network, and a fantastic training ground for skill sets.


Felicia Mooty
Director, Category Leadership
Nestlé Purina Petcare Company

Region: NEW Cincinnati

Joined NEW: 2007

Interests: Reading, cooking, going to the movies and spending time with my family.

Recent accomplishment: I was just promoted to Director!

Why I like NEW: NEW is a great place to find informal mentors for all seasons of your career.


Jennifer DePaola
Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer
Young's Market Company

Region: NEW Southern California

Joined NEW: 2012

Interests: Hiking, backpacking and family.

Recent accomplishment: Launched the company’s fourth employee resource group: Young’s Latino American Partner Network Group.

Why I like NEW: It’s a great group of supportive leaders who provide Young’s with great idea generation and support.


Joy Nicholas
JN Retail Connections LLC

Region: NEW Western Michigan

Joined NEW: 2000

Interests: Crafting, scrapbooking, card-making, walking, traveling and snuggling my grandson, Ryker.

Recent accomplishment: Successfully launched a consulting practice to leverage my network and help clients launch emerging technologies in the grocery retail industry.

Why I like NEW: NEW represents many years of hard work, focus and determination by amazing trailblazing women, with whom I've had the privilege of working for over 16 years. I love NEW for everything the organization represents and for the opportunities to meet leaders who give women a stronger voice in the industry.


Cecilia Carter
The Strategy Chick

Region: NEW New York Metro

Joined NEW: 2016

Interests: Jazz and R&B music festivals, travel, renovating and interior design.

Recent accomplishment: Launched my coaching practice – helping women create strategies to slay everyday!

Why I like NEW: It’s about women helping each other be their baddest, boldest selves!


Scott Glovier

CSD Copackers

Region: NEW New York

Joined NEW: 2011

Interests: Anything outdoors! Fishing, biking, gardening, camping.

Recent accomplishment: I decided to leave the "corporate" world and start a business with my best friend from college.

Why I like NEW: NEW makes a difference in people's lives. I have experienced it myself as I have developed better skills as a member. I have also witnessed friends and coworkers gain insights and confidence from the programs – confidence that has positively impacted their careers.


Eva Kohn
Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer
CBA Industries Inc.

Region: NEW New York Metro; served on NEW Board 2012-2014

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: I love to travel and make it a point to travel internationally at least once a year; family.

Recent accomplishment: Bought a home overlooking the New York skyline.

Why I like NEW: NEW has been a tremendous resource and empowered me in many ways.


Angela Joyner
President, Executive Coach
The Wonder Loft

Region: NEW Chicago

Joined NEW: 2008

Interests: Traveling, reading, art and culture, helping women do more of what they love and make a bigger global impact.

Recent accomplishment: Just finished a new book, Gratitude & Grace

Why I like NEW: I have made life-long friends and mentoring relationships and accelerated my career through the resources that NEW offers. My personal life and professional life have been blessed by my service to NEW!


Rebecca Okamoto
Principal Consultant, Founder
Evoke Strategy Group

Region: NEW Northern California

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: Personally, I love spending time with my family, especially my five nephews. Professionally, I love helping people unlock their potential through clear communications. I help people with something to say, but who struggle to say it.

Recent accomplishment: I work with technology start-ups on their pitches and recently I helped three companies pitch successfully to Fortune 500 companies in their first meeting.

Why I like NEW: People are selfless and want to help each other grow and succeed. I was new to the area two years ago and instantly made great connections and friends. I have grown personally and professionally through NEW.


Lisa McGurk

Region: NEW Greater Philadelphia

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: Spending time at the beach and learning to surf, cooking, and having at home dance parties with my daughters!

Recent accomplishment: Presented a new research methodology at the Quirks Conference in February 2016.

Why I like NEW: In working for a smaller company, NEW has given me the opportunity to network and build my leadership skills, much faster than I could have on my own.


Sharon Belto
Senior Vice President of Customer Development
Trilliant Food & Nutrition

Region: NEW Northwest Arkansas

Joined NEW: 2004, thanks to Julie Hamilton with Coca-Cola who strongly encouraged me to participate as well as other women on our team. Thanks Julie!

Interests: Football fanatic, cooking, tennis and travel.

Recent accomplishment: Appointment as SVP with Trilliant Food & Nutrition, and influencing owner and CEO of Trilliant to be a NEW partner.

Why I like NEW: The members! They are incredibly welcoming and supportive of each other. I love the bond we share in being proactive of supporting other women in our industry. I value how we enable personal and professional development while having fun doing it! I wouldn’t be where I am today professionally without NEW.


Sarah D. Nielsen
Director of Production
PromoPoint Marketing

Region: NEW Florida

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: Dog rescue, photography and traveling.

Recent accomplishment: Landed a large client for the second year!

Why I like NEW: I love the people I’ve met at the different events and the friendships I’ve made. Having a network of women to talk to about life’s ups and downs is amazing. And to have like-minded women willing to help when I run into issues on the job or in life is amazing! I enjoy how we have something for everyone – learning events and fun networking events.


Latoya R. Conners Gray
Senior Director, Technology and Strategic Initiatives
Sears Holdings Corporation

Region: NEW Chicago

Joined NEW: 2011

Interests: My husband and my twin boys (age 2), cooking, reading, serving with my church, traveling.

Recent accomplishment: A new role that includes my technology portfolio, but also all strategic marketing initiatives for the Kmart Brand via the CMO.

Why I like NEW: The people! I've learned so much from the people. They are authentic, intelligent and class "A" performers, personally and professionally. My career and life have been impacted by the network!


Mary Coon
Marketing Executive

Region: NEW Northern California

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Travel, cooking and connecting with family and friends.

Recent accomplishment: Completed my first semester of French-1A.

Why I like NEW: NEW fosters an open environment where we can all come together to share our professional and personal experiences while celebrating each other. It's given me the opportunity to mentor, serve, network and learn from other like-minded women and men — many who are now my good friends.


Susan Allen
Senior Director, Innovation Marketing
Schwan's Consumer Brands

Region: NEW Twin Cities

Joined NEW: 2009

Interests: Biking and sailing with family, Zumba Fitness and yoga for me!

Recent accomplishment: Just joined Schwan’s Women Network (SWN) Board of Directors.

Why I like NEW: Wonderful networking; leverage for professional development for Schwan’s high-potential females!


Julie Niehaus
Account Executive, Sales
Procter & Gamble

Region: NEW New York Metro

Joined NEW: 2012

Interests: Exploring New York, traveling, volleyball, skiing, alumni events for my alma mater, the University of Missouri, and spending time with family and friends.

Recent accomplishment: I recently became Community Engagement Lead, PR/Internet/Social Media Committee for NEW New York Metro. By collaborating with another young woman from Pepsi, we have doubled our Facebook engagements, grown our Twitter followers by 4x, launched an Instagram account and are currently creating a regional newsletter. On a personal note: I finally reached preferred status on Southwest.

Why I like NEW: Getting involved with NEW early in my career has complemented the personal and professional development I am gaining within P&G. Not only has NEW been a source of great CPG thought leadership, but also a source of mentorship and friendship with other members.


Julius Salamone
Unit Manager
Altria Group Distribution Company

Region: NEW South Texas

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Film, photography, women's rights.

Recent accomplishment: Celebrating 2 years as co-secretary for the NEW South Texas region.

Why I like NEW: NEW is the much-needed catalyst for the change the CPG industry has been seeking. It creates the environment where we can all come together to dialogue, brainstorm and develop the programs we need to elevate women much faster than if our companies did them alone.


Briana Lee
Category Leadership Advisor
Kraft Heinz Company

Region: NEW Carolinas

Joined NEW: 2008

Interests: Cooking, dancing, traveling and anything musical.

Recent accomplishment: Honored as one of the "Top 40 Under 40 Rising Leaders in Grocery" by The Griffin Report of the Northeast in 2015.

Why I like NEW: NEW provides educational, financial and professional opportunities for college students. I was a NEW scholarship recipient in 2008. Through networking at NEW events, I had a job upon graduation in 2009. My proudest NEW accomplishment as College Outreach committee lead for NEW Carolinas is the region's 2015 "Outstanding Achievement in College Outreach" award win. I love that NEW provides opportunities to promote and engage the next generation of CPG leaders!


Lizette Chantaracharat
Senior Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing
Unified Grocers

Region: NEW Southern California

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Spending time with my loving family (Chad, Christian, Sydney and Aiden). Living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Recent accomplishment: Just earned my MBA in internet marketing.

Why I like NEW: NEW has been a wonderful place to network, share best practices and make lifelong friends along the way!


Rachel Wurtz
Sales Analyst, Grocery Midwest
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Region: NEW Cincinnati

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Running (completing marathon #3 at Marine Corp Marathon on 10/15), spending time with family, cheering on my Kentucky Wildcats.

Recent accomplishment: Won our region’s Rookie of the Year Leadership Award.

Why I like NEW: Every event and interaction provides an opportunity to meet new people. I have made some amazing connections that have turned into friendships. The speakers at our events have shared some great ideas to incorporate into our lives both personally and professionally. "Life happens outside your comfort zone” has been my favorite takeaway so far!


Vilma Consuegra
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Acosta Sales and Marketing

Region: NEW Florida

Joined NEW: 2009

Interests: My family: my husband and two boys, reading, tennis.

Recent accomplishment: Earlier this year I took a new role in the company moving from a corporate function closer to operations.

Why I like NEW: My career trajectory has been heavily impacted by the leaders I have met and learned from at NEW. The programs are top notch and the relationships have been invaluable.


Ninette Swadley
CPFR Analyst
Coty Beauty Inc.

Region: NEW Northwest Arkansas

Joined NEW: 2014

Interests: God, family (husband Ronnie, 3 boys: Jonathan, 16; Logan, 14; and Caden, 13), gardening and traveling.

Recent accomplishment: Just bought farm acreage. Love fresh eggs!

Why I like NEW: NEW provides opportunities to establish industry contacts, offers self-development events and workshops to fast-track career performance, and supports the merge between personal and work-life balance.


Grace Woo
Director, Supply Chain Strategy
McCormick & Company

Region: NEW Southern California

Joined NEW: 2015

Interests: Traveling, reading, trying out new food.

Recent accomplishment: Launched my blog at

Why I like NEW: It's rare to get a chance to get to know so many accomplished women that I can share professional and personal stories with.


Dawn Kirk
Vice President, Sales and Operations, Southeast
Coca-Cola Refreshments, The Coca-Cola Company

Region: NEW Atlanta

Joined NEW: 2002

Interests: movies; my two boys, Kendall and Kristopher.

Recent accomplishment: Appointed to the Multicultural Leadership Council at The Coca-Cola Company.

Why I like NEW: It is the one organization where I can fuel my passion of serving, learning, and networking with other talented and powerful women.


Polly Rowland
Director of Sales
John B. Sanfilippo & Sons Inc.

Region: NEW Chicago

Joined NEW: 2008

Interests: Volunteering with organizations like NEW and my church. As an empty nester, I am enjoying spending time with my husband sans the kids!

Recent accomplishment: Honored by NEW Chicago as "Best of the Best!"

Why I like NEW: It gives me an opportunity to give back to the industry and grow personally and professionally. I treasure the industry network I have built and very much enjoy volunteering with the Network.


Anthony J. Campanelli

Partner, Regulatory, Forensics & Compliance

Region: NEW New York Metro

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Football, networking and spending time with family and friends.

Recent accomplishment: Seeing the successful onboarding of our newest Deloitte members to the region’s steering committee.

Why I like NEW: NEW provides an amazing platform for our members to network, develop relationships, learn about the industry and have some fun. The group is supportive and strives cohesively to achieve organization goals. I am proud to be our region’s first male member of the steering committee and officer.


Millette Granville
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Delhaize America

Region: NEW Carolinas

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: I love to travel, attend music and film festivals and spend time with family and friends.

Recent accomplishment: I was recently selected by NEW to serve on the NEW Inclusion Committee and I am working with the national partnership committee.

Why I like NEW: NEW is a fantastic organization that provides valuable learning opportunities, executive leadership development, networking and best practice sharing with professionals within our industry. Delhaize America is proud to be a partner with NEW!


Luke Emery
General Manager
Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution, The Coca-Cola Company

Region: NEW Chicago

Joined NEW: 2011

Interests: Family, sports, reading.

Recent accomplishment: As a team, we recently successfully transitioned to Great Lakes Coca-Cola Distribution, a Reyes Holdings company.

Why I like NEW: It gives men a platform to show women that we are an advocate for you to continue to advance your career and your personal work-life integration.


Megan Figliuolo

Director, National Client Insights
Acosta Sales & Marketing

Region: NEW Atlanta

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Running, baking, traveling

Recent accomplishment: Just completed my first half marathon!

Why I like NEW: It’s given me a chance to expand my network beyond my organization. Additionally, I’ve been able to develop skills and gain experience outside of my everyday responsibilities.


Nicole Rasmussen

Region: NEW Cincinnat

Joined NEW: 2010

Interests: Playing sports, being outdoors, my kids (Ainsley, 5, and Lincoln, 2).

Recent accomplishment: I was recently promoted to audit partner.

Why I like NEW: It’s been a great way for me to get involved in the industry, make friends in a new city, and receive professional advice and support.


Ellen Klinzing

Director, Regional Sales East
Prestige Brands Inc.

Region: NEW Carolinas

Joined NEW: 2004

Interests: Wheaten Terriers and rescue; Penn State football.

Recent accomplishment: Recently hired by Prestige Brands when they acquired my then-current employer, Insight Pharmaceutical.

Why I like NEW: NEW has provided thought-provoking industry insights to share with my company. Also through NEW, I’ve developed numerous professional relationships and personal friendships, which have contributed career support and guidance, as well as more than a few fun times, through the years.


Deepti Modgekar
Senior Manager, Risk Advisory Services, Retail/CPG
Deloitte & Touche, LLP

Region: NEW Greater Philadelphia | Co-chair, programming

Joined NEW: 2009

Interests: Reading design and travel blogs, tennis, planning parties and theater.

Recent accomplishment: Was appointed to the Young Leaders Board for the Walnut Street Theater, America’s oldest-running theater.

Why I like NEW: I always leave NEW events and meetings feeling empowered and rejuvenated, surrounded by highly successful NEW members and very wise words and learnings from our speakers. NEW has exponentially expanded my network of professional and personal contacts that I can rely on and help or be helped.


Erica Martindale
Marketing MBA student
Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University

Region: NEW North Central Texas

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Board games, reading, movies

Recent accomplishment: Due to the hard work I put in during my first year and during my internship at Frito-Lay, SMU Cox named me a Marketing Scholar.

Why I like NEW: Everyone at NEW has been very encouraging about my desire to join the retail and consumer goods industry when I graduate. I have learned from event speakers and have enjoyed being a part of the NEW North Central Texas Programs Committee.


Gillian Crossan

Client Relationship Executive Director

Region: NEW Pacific Northwest

Joined NEW: September 2009

Interests: Traveling and eating my way around the world, cooking, reading — particularly thrillers and murder mysteries — and having fun with my husband and 8-year-old daughter Zoe. We just tried Nordic skiing and snowshoeing together over the holidays. I am also the inclusion leader for Deloitte in Seattle; inclusion is definitely less of an interest and more of a passion for me.

Recent accomplishments: I was stunned to be awarded the NEW Pacific Northwest Best of the Best Leader Award in 2014. I fulfilled my ambition to travel to New Zealand in 2014 — best eggs Benedict in the world.

Why I like NEW:  NEW has been a fantastic place to build my network in retail and consumer products in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. I did not grow up here, nor did I grow up in the industry, so it has been invaluable. I have had the privilege to meet some extraordinary women and have enjoyed working with them to build a community of women leaders and aspiring leaders who help one another personally and professionally. When we started NEW Pacific Northwest with a small group of women from Costco, Safeway, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Deloitte and Portland State University, we were not quite sure how we could pull it off. We are still in "chapter building” mode, but it has been a fun journey. We joke that if you want to get promoted, you [participate in] NEW Pacific Northwest because so many of our women have done just that, moving on to larger roles at their companies’ headquarters. I have transitioned from my role of NEW Pacific Northwest co-chair of programming and am planning to focus on succession planning for the region — focusing on developing our next group of leaders.


Nicole Wright
Regional Mandate Market Manager, Central
Acosta Sales and Marketing

Region: NEW North Central Texas

Joined NEW: 2011

Interests: Social media, networking, enjoying friends and family

Recent accomplishments: Being featured in this publication is an exciting accomplishment and I recently completed a six-week social media certification course.

Why I like NEW: I love NEW for the networking opportunities, the wonderful committee leads for North Central Texas, and the motivation and education I receive from the webinars, luncheons and the NEW Leadership Summit.


Darlene D’Souza
Associate Brand Manager, Glade
SC Johnson

Region: NEW Toronto

Joined NEW: 2013

Interests: Traveling, reading, volunteering

Recent accomplishments: I’ve recently become a member of the Brantford United Way board of directors and am the incoming PR chair for NEW Toronto.

Why I like NEW: NEW’s mission for the advancement and retention of women in leadership roles is what immediately sparked my interest because I strongly believe that women starting out in their careers need strong role models that sponsor their development. NEW offers the opportunity to build your network and develop personally and professionally.


Lori Brown
Vice President, General Manager, Walmart, Family Care
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Joined NEW: June 2009

Region: NEW Northwest Arkansas

Interests: Keeping up with our two sons Mason and Marcus and enjoying our sports teams: The Arkansas Razorbacks, St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs.

Recent accomplishments: I’m completing my term as NEW Northwest Arkansas co-chair and I’m excited to move into the role of our inaugural Advisory Committee chair.

Why I like NEW: I’ve established great relationships across the industry, including deep friendships that wouldn’t have been forged without NEW. I hope that I’ve been able to help emerging leaders stretch themselves by providing volunteer and mentorship opportunities.



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