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Mentoring female veterans is a smart maneuver

Companies looking to build their ranks of talented, skilled women employees often overlook a growing group of Americans -- military veterans, especially women vets...more

More than a mentor: Women need sponsors to advance to the c-suite

Mentors are valuable, but women who want to advance to the highest levels need the support of a sponsor, experts say...more

Work has changed and so has mentoring

Careers take many twists and turns in today’s increasingly chaotic work world, which makes finding a professional mentor is more important than ever...more

Globetrotters need mentors back home

In today’s marketplace, when working abroad is often part of a career fast track, a strong mentor relationship back home is vital...more

The eight principles of being a mentor

Be a mentee first. To be a strong mentor you need to have been mentored. That shouldn’t be hard. At any stage of your career you can learn from someone with knowledge and experience in an area that interests you...more

Mentoring: A win-win for women executives

Women have come a long way in the business world in past few decades -- but they have a long way yet to go. Many female managers still lack the connections and confidence that give their male counterparts an edge. Mentoring can help...more

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