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NEW Summit 2014 Player Contest
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Use our app and become a Summit Player

You could win a full-color Kindle Fire HDX-7

Be a Summit Player

Engage with your fellow attendees and become a Summit Player. You’ll earn points and badges when you post your profile picture, share photos and updates on our Activity Feed, check in to events, and like other posts.

Check the Leaderboard to view our Top 20 Players and see who’s most engaged. The Top 50 Players on our app will be entered in a drawing for a 32GB full-color, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch e-reader and tablet with Wi-Fi.

Contest rules

  1. Random drawing will be conducted Friday morning, October 24 before our closing general session begins.
  2. Prize will be presented on stage following our closing keynote speaker at about 9:15 am. You or someone you designate from your company must be present to win.
  3. Employees of the Network of Executive Women Inc. and its agents, contractors and vendors are not eligible to win
  4. Participants must be 18 years and older. No purchase required; local and state rules apply.
  5. Posts may be reposted and repurposed by the Network of Executive Women at its sole discretion, citing or tagging the poster's name and company name. No compensation will be provided for the use of posts submitted to the Network on social media.
  6. Persons submitting posts take sole responsibility for the content of the post and any accompanying; please do not post copyrighted material.

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