Our Values

Network of Executive Women is a servant leader organization focused on our mission to Advance All Women.  Our culture is comprised of values that inspire us to be passionate, humble, and appreciative of all contributions.

Leading with an "Owner Mindset"

Team members are accountable for their own projects and results, with a critical eye on fiscal/budgetary obligations.  They treat their impact and decisions for NEW as they would for their own business. With an owner mindset, they spring into action with solutions, own their mistakes when things go wrong, and provide constructive feedback to enable continuous improvement. Communication is critical, and collaboration is essential.


They have courage and show the strength and tenacity of their character by demonstrating the ability to persist in what they feel passionate about, and persevere when they face obstacles, setbacks, and frustrations. They are resilient and adaptable in an environment of continuous change.


They are proactive in exploring new ideas for growth in pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge for NEW and for themselves professionally. They do not accept the status quo, but seek to understand potential solutions, eager to innovate and fail fast in a safe environment to feed a continuous improvement pipeline.


They are genuine, honest, and have strong moral principles that support doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching. They are authentic, take responsibility for their actions, and demonstrate these values in relationships with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders.


Team members listen to learn, affirm, and serve. They are positive, kind, polite, and thankful.


They show appreciation for different perspectives, experiences, expertise, qualities, and strengths that each person offers. They assume positive intent and seek to teach others when they sense they need to learn. They are actively aware of their own biases, are receptive to feedback, and intentionally create diverse teams and inputs in all NEW business interactions to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.