NEW Action for Women of Color

An execcutive woman of color

NEW Action for Women of Color is an innovative, 2.5-day learning program for high-performing women of color and their allies, designed to support, develop and advance women of color at work, a talent segment chronically underpromoted in retail, consumer goods, financial services and technology.

This transformative experience provides a diverse group of executives with sociocultural education and targeted leadership training in an environment that fosters trust and mutual commitment.

Participants will

  • Develop core and cultural leadership skills
  • Identify company-specific barriers to recruiting and retaining women of color
  • Learn practical tools to help embed relevant strategies
  • Understand the women-of-color experience through data, research and classroom engagement
  • Build a diverse network of professionals

Tuition is $60,000 per company for 12 participants, a human resources or diversity and inclusion leader, and senior leader. (Two companies will participate.) Learning materials and some meals included.

Contact NEW Vice President of Strategic Value Karianne Gomez at for program details.