Amanda Martinez

“I’ve never felt there was a role that was off limits because of my gender. I’ve always believed I could absolutely strive for any position. The minute you think gender is a limiting factor, it will be.

When women say they feel they have hit a glass ceiling, I’m always reminded that every ceiling I’ve encountered eventually became my floor, because I knew I could get beyond it. Women need to stop saying, ‘I can’t.’ Yes, you can! There’s no reason to stop working toward what will fulfill you. If you need help getting there, ask for it.

I’ve heard women say, ‘I was the only woman in the room.’ That has been true for me, too. I don’t see that as a negative. You may be the first woman to hold a certain role. That’s positive. That’s exciting — especially for every woman who will follow you. When you’re in that situation, never forget that your skills and abilities got you into that room. Make the most of it and be heard.

In the grocery industry, people tend to build decades-long careers with the same company. I’ve encountered more age bias than gender bias. I have had people make comments about my age relative to my role. To those comments I have said, ‘My age has nothing to do with where I am in my career. I am where I am today because of my experience, the results I drive and the awesome network of people who support me.”

Group Vice President
Albertsons Companies