Career Accelerator

new career accelerator model

NEW Career Accelerator Workshops are built on NEW’s exclusive NEW Career Accelerator Model™ and custom designed to help your team members succeed.

Each Career Accelerator Workshop includes individual and group 360-degree assessments that accentuate strengths and outline opportunities; a panel on women's leadership; interactive discussions; and a group developmental planning guide.

The foundation of our workshops — the NEW Career Accelerator Model™ — was developed in partnership with the respected Center for Creative Leadership. The model outlines the eight competencies and five derailers that can make or break a career.

Participants will come away with fresh insights into their own leadership style, areas for development, new skills and the confidence to realize personal and company goals.

Who should attend

NEW Career Accelerator Workshops are intended for working teams and employee resource groups at NEW partner companies. Workshops are typically sponsored by a senior executive and take place in a classroom setting.

A fee of $24,950 includes the custom workshop and 360 assessments for up to 24 participants. Larger-group rates available; $400 for additional participants. Please allow 10 weeks for NEW to custom design a program for your organization.

Contact NEW Director of Learning and Development Chris Sopa at for program details.