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Ask the Coach

"I'm a mid-level manager. What leadership skills should I build to move ahead?"
“Why do some companies seem to understand the importance of gender equality, while other companies — like mine — are light years behind?” 
People keep talking about being a 'creative disruptor.' How do I actually become a disruptor in my work life, day to day?"
"So many women struggle with demonstrating confidence. How can we boost our confidence at work?" Confidence is positive trait women think they lack — but really don’t.
"How do I get candid feedback from my manager?" As another year races to a close, performance appraisals are on the minds of many.
"My company offers flex time and other options designed to help working parents. But those who use them are not seen as 'career minded.' How can I change this?"
"I'm being considered for a promotion to vice president and will participate in an all-day psychological assessment. How should I prepare?"
"I have an opportunity to work outside the country for two years, a role that would lead to significant advancement. How do I weigh the pros and cons of accepting, but uprooting my family?"
"I'm the new leader of a team that has worked together for a while. How do I get to know them and gain confidence in their abilities without stepping on toes?"
"Sometimes situations in the workplace are very stressful or emotional. Is it okay to cry at work?"