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We're coming to the end of Black History Month, and with eight months since the protests began last year, we’re highlighting next steps for NEW members to be better allies to people of color in our workplaces going into this year. NEW Women of Color Advisory Council members Tahirah King and Watchen…
by Mary Rivard and Kari Sims Can you believe that it’s been almost two weeks since so many of us gathered in Amelia Island for Forum? It’s true! Even now, I’m still reeling from all the amazing speakers I saw and connections I made with senior leaders at the conference.
Two weeks ago, I attended my 10th Network of Executive Women Executive Forum. Reframe was the aptly-selected theme of this year’s Forum.
Last week I had the privilege to attend my first Forum—the first of two conference events held annually by the Network of Executive Women. Forum isn’t just a platform for shining a light on gender inequities.
My prediction for D&I progress in the next five years: We have two options — we can stay stuck or we can do it differently.
Many organizations struggle with unconscious bias when hiring employees.
Don't assume all women’s workplace experiences are the same, NEW report says.
It’s not difficult to champion equality, if you’re willing to admit what you don’t know.
Bringing your true self to work may feel risky, but it will make you happier.
Pay attention to things that may not directly impact you and build a new leadership skill.