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Emerging Leader

We’re in a critical moment when it comes to advancing women in the workplace. Leaders in most companies agree that women’s leadership is worth pursuing. They’ve given the green light for women’s initiatives and programs. Yet, the number of women in senior leadership and C-Suite positions is largely…
Ambivalence, discontentment and disappointment get dragged into work every day.
Prioritize your work, know your value, don't wait for feedback and network.
To get ahead, you have to deal with people who get on your nerves.
If you want to move beyond your current role, you need to think beyond your to-do list.
Hands shaking? Technology glitch? Drawing a blank? Here's what to do.
Colleagues have asked for help in finding a mentor. If only I could jump onto Amazon and order one.
Many women still don’t negotiate. Or make counter offers. Many don’t like to say, “No.” We are often reluctant to ruffle feathers. The problem: Being uncomfortable or unwilling to negotiate is one factor contributing to the gender pay gap.
Imagine you had the opportunity to sit down with a senior executive and get the straight-up truth about what it takes to stand out as a leader in today’s highly competitive workforce.
In my first week of work at my summer internship between my first and second year of business school, I received some of the best career advice I’ve ever gotten from a boss.