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Now that Summit is over, Nicole Wright (Acosta, NEW North Texas) and Desiree Frey (T-Mobile, NEW Pacific Northwest) are sharing their conference experiences. These members are very active within the organization and served as the social media correspondents for the event.
What a week we had in Atlanta! OK, I’m biased. I’m based in Atlanta, so I’m so proud of the NEW Atlanta chapter and the NEW Leadership Summit that took place in our fair city.
In just five weeks, approximately 1,300 Network of Executive Women members will make their way to Atlanta for NEW Leadership Summit, our biggest conference of the year and one of the largest professional women’s empowerment events in the U. S.
Employees are hesitant to push themselves unless they know they're supported.
Thinking with our heart means making decisions based on how we are feeling, not just the facts.
Do you recognize — and like — the person you are in the workplace?
Even the most talented women can feel uncertain about taking on the next, bigger role.
Inspirational leaders can’t afford to be silent now. We need to believe we can change for the better.
Conventional business leadership can be shortsighted. Innovation is focused on the long term.
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