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Nikisha McDonald is our first ever Ambassador Spotlight! Read on as she talks Walgreens' commitment to diversity, her hard work as an ambassador, and some of the fun experiences she's had with NEW.
Summit 2020 was an incredible experience, with opportunities to learn from the best of the best over two days of thought-provoking, moving, funny, and transformative conversations. As we walk out the door, the real work begins - so we asked our speakers for key takeaways from their talks that you…
Earlier this month, on Women’s Equality Day, NEW shared a social media post which missed the mark. We’ve spoken with members, and we want to take this opportunity to correct the record – and pledge to do better in future. Read on for NEW President and CEO Sarah Alter’s thoughts.
NEW Executive Forum 2020 was a historic event for NEW, our largest Forum ever! Read on for some key takeaways from the incredible speakers who contributed to the day's learning sessions.
Over the last few weeks, we here at NEW have been transfixed by the events which have drawn the eye of the entire nation. As an organization devoted to advancing all women and supporting diversity and inclusion, we cannot help but want to support the Black community during this impossibly difficult…
Work and the nature of the workplace will never be the same. In the face of adapting to the adversity presented by COVID-19, we are changing the way we work, live and interact with one another. This may be a hard line in history, which we’ll think of in terms of “before” and “after.”
Whether you’re on your way up the corporate ladder or are simply determined to succeed in your current position, joining a mastermind group is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.  By dedicating a few meaningful hours per month to your group, you’ll gain a secret ingredient for better…
Do you suffer from compassion fatigue? Also known as secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue was first diagnosed in nurses and other healthcare workers back in the 1950s.
Now that Summit is over, Nicole Wright (Acosta, NEW North Texas) and Desiree Frey (T-Mobile, NEW Pacific Northwest) are sharing their conference experiences. These members are very active within the organization and served as the social media correspondents for the event.
What a week we had in Atlanta! OK, I’m biased. I’m based in Atlanta, so I’m so proud of the NEW Atlanta chapter and the NEW Leadership Summit that took place in our fair city.