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One of the things that life guarantees, regardless of who you are, is that you will face times of uncertainty. That uncertainty can bring on fear, doubt and depression.
Despite the strides made toward gender equality, women are still a rare find in the c-suite.
Do you view successful negotiating as getting more than what the other party wants to give? If so, you’re not alone — and you’re negotiating all wrong.
Life is too short to be doing something day in and day out that you don’t enjoy. With so much of every day dedicated to your career, why not fill that time with something you care about?
Have you ever had one of those moments when someone tells you that something you said made a real difference in his or her life? Maybe it’s a conversation you don’t even remember, but it helped the other person make a change or shift their perspective.
Some high performers have a surprising blind spot. They excel in many areas. They advance and get raises. But a gap in their people skills holds them back from being as successful as they could be.
What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done? The biggest risk you’ve taken?
I must admit, I sometimes overreact. Especially when a perceived injustice has been done. Thankfully, only those closest to me have ever seen it.
We often talk about our careers, our responsibilities, our duties — but what about our purpose?  Why do we do what we do? The answer to this question can change the way you lead an organization.
It seems we’ve been going through an era of apologies on a grand scale with so many large corporations apologizing for misleading consumers. I am certain, like many consumers, you appreciate when someone who has offended you offers an apology.