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Male Champions

2021 brings a fresh year after one of the most difficult it recent memory - and one that has placed mountainous obstacles to the progress of gender equity in the workplace. Jeffery Tobias Halter offers his thoughts on how recruiting more male allies in 2021 can help win back ground for Advancing…
Women are enabling other women to grow and ascend, says Walmart's Andy Dunn.
Many white men are feeling excluded from D&I initiatives. It's time to foster their participation.
Men can ensure their company's leadership is gender diverse by mentoring or sponsoring women.
Gender equality in the workplace continues to be framed as a “women’s issue.”
Having a male sponsor is especially important for women, because most women work in companies where the leadership structure is dominated by men.
One of the first things we learn in business is: Don’t discuss religion, sex or politics in the workplace — ever. But regardless of your political affiliation, gender and women’s issues are being talked about every day.
Today’s global marketplace is very different from the one many of us grew up in. It requires new approaches and diverse leadership teams with different world views, experiences and thought processes.
For the past few months, I have been consulting with an international grocery chain to develop and implement a fully integrated women’s leadership strategy. Our recent work focuses on the front line of retail, the store manager.
More and more, organizations are realizing the importance of male engagement in their efforts to advance their women’s leadership initiatives. Simply stated, the industry will never obtain gender parity without the active advocacy of men.