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Your Career

Longtime friend of NEW Fawn Germer offers frank and savvy advice for staying current and fighting back against age discrimination in your industry.
Cathy Sutherland, Managing Director and Executive Search Consultant with ZRG Partners, recognizes that "most women would rather go to the dentist than a professional networking event." In this article, she provides tips and tricks for women to conquer the fear of networking and make it work for…
“Equal pay for equal work” — the constant refrain of working women from the early 19th century. This powerful motto speaks to the simple fact that no one should be paid less for their work on the basis of gender. 
It's not easy to resume a career after a break. Here's some advice for restarting.
Leaders set big, specific goals; overcome doubt; and learn from their mistakes.
One question opened my eyes and set me up for a successful career.
Women talk about their careers much differently (and less effectively) than men do.
Our conventional idea of career success does not guarantee happiness.
Women have been told in a million ways the answers lie outside of themselves.
Your LinkedIn profile may say things you may not want others to know.