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Your Career

When demands are coming from all directions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
Many women shut the door on career opportunities that require relocating.
We all have beliefs about our place in the world that determine what we accomplish.
What happens when high-achieving behaviors turn into overachieving behaviors?
What's holding you back from achieving your career goals? It could be your biggest opportunity.
The way you're viewed in the world — and how you view yourself — will shape your career.
“You can’t do it.” “You’re crazy.” “You aren’t smart enough.” “You’re different and you don’t belong.” “It will never happen.” “Why do you want to do that?”
More than 15 years ago, I came up with the idea to start the Network of Executive Women because I wanted to bring women together to support one another. It worked!
Countless research studies on gender and negotiation, power, promotion, pay gap and productivity have been hurled into public consumption, chewed and digested by all forms of media, then interpreted into “good advice for women” by well-meaning managers, trainers and consultants — myself included.
A few months ago, I attended the National Association of Female Executive Women's Leadership Summit and had the privilege of hearing leadership coach Bonnie Marcus. Marcus kicked off her talk with a personal story of being blindsided when she did not get a promotion she deserved.