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"Don't wait for permission — or an invitation — to lead," career coach Jo Miller told online attendees during the year's second NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar, Feb. 1, 2017. 
Life is too short to be doing something day in and day out that you don’t enjoy. With so much of every day dedicated to your career, why not fill that time with something you care about?
In my first week of work at my summer internship between my first and second year of business school, I received some of the best career advice I’ve ever gotten from a boss.
When leading change, leaders should be on the alert for people who feel change will adversely affect their power, prestige or both.
Thought-provoking questions can inspire others — and yourself — to think more creatively, be more engaged and take action, according to a panel of women executives at the NEW Leadership Academy supersession held during the NEW Leadership Summit, Sept. 30, in Orlando.
Women seeking to advance their careers should reject the idea that women must compete with each other to succeed, according to three industry executives who offered their insights at the NEW Leadership Summit 2016 in Orlando.
Cathy Engelbert, CEO of Deloitte LLP, never aspired to be a CEO, she aspired to lead and help others grow, Engelbert told 300 industry senior executives at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.
"When women hear the word 'no,' they hear 'no.' Men hear the word 'no,' and what they hear is, 'not right now,'" Dr. Victoria Medvec, founder and executive director, Center for Executive Women, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, shared at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.
"We have an epidemic,” Tara Mohr, founder of Playing Big, told more than 300 senior executives attending the NEW Executive Leaders Forum. “People know they're playing small, and they don't like it. But they don't know how to change it.”
Women face strong career headwinds, but they can accelerate progress toward gender equality by having difficult conversations and boldly supporting each other’s ambitions, four female executives told attendees at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.