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“Without any other information, the impression we make and the way we show up are all we have,” women’s professional development coach Kailei Carr told online attendees during the fifth NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar.
The power of women's vision is an undervalued asset — but key to positioning yourself as a leader, leadership consultant Sally Helgesen told online attendees during the fourth NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar.
Ten Network of Executive Women partners have been recognized for their diverse, inclusive corporate cultures.
Becoming a known quantity can help you get a job, or push your career farther, personal branding expert Dorie Clark told online attendees during the third NEW Summit Speaker Series webinar.
A collection of 15 NEW blogs offering advice and insights to climb the corporate ladder and keep your career on track.
Women with successful careers build their reputations on delivering results, Jo Miller, CEO of Women's Leadership Coaching, told nearly 300 NEW members attending the first NEW Leadership Academy webinar of the year.
"It's critical that you write your own story. If you don't, others will write it for you," Tara Jaye Frank, vice president, multicultural strategy of Hallmark, told NEW members during "What's Your Story?" the first webinar in the NEW Summit Speakers series.
"How do I get candid feedback from my manager?" As another year races to a close, performance appraisals are on the minds of many.
To get into the c-suite or boardroom, women must S-E-E their way there — with sponsors, executive presence and exposure.
The voice on the phone was filled with equal parts of anxiety and anticipation: "Grace, I’ve worked a few years and I’m ready to take my career to next level. Should I go to graduate school?”