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Gender equality

NEW is piloting two leadership programs to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.
#MeToo continues to raise awareness, but there have been some unintended consequences.
Men can ensure their company's leadership is gender diverse by mentoring or sponsoring women.
NEW insights report offers strategies to reach gender equality in the workplace.
A company's ability to create an inclusive workplace starts with a few words.
Few women are placed in senior executive roles that lead to CEO's office.
Survey says: Recruiters are receiving more requests for women executives.
The gender pay gap is caused, in large part, by fewer women than men in higher-paying jobs.
Our annual NEW Leader magazine profiles NEW members who confronted critical career/life pivot points and features articles on the female turnover crisis in retail and consumer goods, the gender gap among multicultural women and the impact of #MeToo.
Gender equality in the workplace continues to be framed as a “women’s issue.”