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Gender equality

Survey says: Recruiters are receiving more requests for women executives.
The gender pay gap is caused, in large part, by fewer women than men in higher-paying jobs.
Our annual NEW Leader magazine profiles NEW members who confronted critical career/life pivot points and features articles on the female turnover crisis in retail and consumer goods, the gender gap among multicultural women and the impact of #MeToo.
Gender equality in the workplace continues to be framed as a “women’s issue.”
Senior executives will focus on achieving gender parity and leveraging women's leadership.
Gender parity will only be achieved if top leadership strongly advocates for change.
NEW is working from the c-suite down and the grassroots up to create change.
The turnover rate among women in retail and consumer goods is much higher than among men.
NEW partner organizations support International Women’s Day and gender equality.
Today's workplace demands leadership skills like empathy, humility and vulnerability.