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My prediction for D&I progress in the next five years: We have two options — we can stay stuck or we can do it differently.
Many organizations struggle with unconscious bias when hiring employees.
Don't assume all women’s workplace experiences are the same, NEW report says.
Many white men are feeling excluded from D&I initiatives. It's time to foster their participation.
A culture of inclusion leads to employee satisfaction and a company's long-term success.
Inspirational leaders can’t afford to be silent now. We need to believe we can change for the better.
Abstract: This report outlines research results that reveal how women of color experience the workplace much differently than white women.
It’s not difficult to champion equality, if you’re willing to admit what you don’t know.
Bringing your true self to work may feel risky, but it will make you happier.
Men and women are not using their voices equally, a barrier to women's leadership.