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People still feel the need to explain why people of difference are good for organizations.
Forty-seven NEW partner companies have been named Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality in 2017 by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.
My first boss told me, “Get in as much good business experience as possible before you have kids and your priorities change.”
The Network of Executive Women has joined forces with EnsembleIQ to publish the third annual NEW Leader magazine.
NEW marked Equal Pay Day April 4 with a social media surge highlighting the wage gap between men and women in U.S. business.
This edition of the annual NEW Leader magazine examines the fast-moving changes in our workplaces, featuring the personal stories of millennials, male champions of women’s leadership and women of color working in the retail and consumer goods industry.
The percentage of women in senior management teams globally rose just 1 percent in 2016 — from 24 percent to 25 percent, according to a new report by Grant Thornton International. The senior-management gender gap has shrunk just 6 percent in the past 13 years.
Today’s global marketplace is very different from the one many of us grew up in. It requires new approaches and diverse leadership teams with different world views, experiences and thought processes.
Stereotypes, social norms and unconscious bias are contributing to a widening gender gap at work, according to a new international study commissioned by Unilever.
In October, I attended a commemoration and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party at the Oakland Museum in California. I didn’t expect to be impacted so deeply.