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The Network of Executive Women has formed the NEW Gen Committee, its most recent diversity and inclusion effort, this one aimed at increasing the representation of Millennials in its membership ranks.
Millennials are no longer the “new generation” — they are the “now generation” — and they are reshaping the way leaders must lead, senior executives from Accenture, Acosta, AT&T Business Solutions and Mars Chocolate told 300 of their peers at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.
Baby Boomers' grip on the industry's leadership reins is loosening as younger team members step into top roles – and companies will benefit from more age-diverse leaders, according to Sarah Sladek, founder of management consulting firm XYZ University.
What once seemed impossible is now transformative, Ann Christensen, president of the Clay Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, told nearly 350 industry leaders at the NEW Executive Leaders Forum.
"Millennials are the most protected, most provided for and most educated generation of all time" — and work best in nontraditional workplaces, Elisa Webb Hill of XYZ University told online participants during the NEW Multigenerational Leadership webinar on July 16.
"We are at the end of the workforce as we know it — meaning we're on the verge of new opportunities," Sarah Sladek, CEO of consulting firm XYZ University, told participants during the second NEW Multigenerational Leadership webinar.
This year, Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers as the largest living generation and will represent the majority of the workforce — calling for new management styles and strategies.