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Workplace change

Sexual harassment takes many forms. It’s against the law. And It’s very, very common.
Great leaders use each change, challenge and controversy as learning and teachable moments.
Many companies are working hard to create a better workplace for everyone. What can you do?
Building a culture of trust and motivation is a two-way street that depends on communication.
Nearly half of Americans in their 40s and 50s are caring for their parents and their children.
“The team work you’ve shown here proves how strong the 'power of us' can be,” NEW President and CEO Sarah Alter told more than 300 senior-level executives at NEW Executive Leaders Forum, August 3, 2017 in Santa Barbara.
Disruptive forces are creating transforming the retail and consumer goods workplace, according to Mercer Partner Leslie Mays.
The world is in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution that is bringing dramatic, rapid change to how we shop and work.
NEW Board Chair Karen Stuckey of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. called on senior executives to drive gender equality.
I am one of the lucky ones. The commute to my office is less than a minute, usually in slippers.